Frequently Asked Questions

About Swifto

Swifto is an innovative dog walking company based in New York City that integrates mobile technology to provide clients with the best possible experience. Our goal is simple: To bring dog walking to the 21st century while preserving the highest degrees of reliability and trust.

Swifto is a dog walking company for the over extended pet owner, a slick solution for your daytime dog worries, and as close as you can to actually being on your pups walk! First, we match you with one of our highly experienced walkers, all of whom are screened, background checked, insured, bonded, and college-educated. From there our clients enjoy GPS walk monitoring, pictures, and live poop alerts sent directly to their phone and email! It’s pretty rad. Read More

We walk in all of Manhattan, Long Island City, Astoria, and the below neighborhoods in Brooklyn:


A full list of the zipcodes we operate in can be found below: 











































































































































Your Swifto walker will use the app to alert you when they have picked up and dropped off your dog, as well as GPS tracking the entire walk. The app is a cornerstone of Swifto bringing dog walking into the modern age. The Swifto app allows you to know exactly when your walk starts and ends, where your pup goes, and how the walk went. Full features of the app can be found here

Back in February of 2012, Swifto was the first to offer GPS-tracked dog walking and to take dog walking to a whole new level. Nowadays, many dog walking apps are popping up, yet none provide the high level of care and attention to detail that Swifto has always provided. While technology can be copied to some extent, it's actually the level of care, quality of the dog walkers we hire, and excellence in service  that we provide which really sets us apart.

Some of our core differences are: A vigorous hiring and training process, dedication to quality of service, providing fully managed key exchanges, consistent dog walkers, guaranteed appointments, and a personal touch. Read more

Swifto provides dog walks, dog visits, and pick ups and drop offs. Our dog walking services are provided by our professional and stellar dog walkers. The walks can range anywhere from 20 minutes to up to 4 hour visits. Swifto provides doggy drop offs and picks up to and from the groomer, vet, boarding, and more.

The Swifto office is open from 9am-6pm Monday-Friday, excluding national holidays. While Swifto offers walks 7 days a week from 6am-11pm, all walks must be scheduled during our office hours (Or online). Do note, that for additional walks, we're going to need 5 business hours advance notice in order to guarantee that we'll be able to find a dog walker who can do the walk in time. 

How does it work?

Swifto utilizes mobile technology to bring dog walking to the 21st century. Features of our app can be found here. Just create an account and schedule your dog walks online, by phone, email, or text.--we take care of the rest! Your new Swifto walker will keep you updated using the Swifto app to GPS track every walk and send you notifications and photos of your dog by text and email throughout. Read more.

It’s super easy, and you can get started online anytime! Just create a Swifto account here, choose a walk schedule and fill out your dogs profile. Then sit back and relax while we set you up with one of our rockstar dog walkers who will GPS track and update you on every walk via the Swifto app. If you have any additional questions, you can always shoot us an email to or give us a call at (855) 967-5486 and we’d be happy to help you set up an account.

As a regular client, you’ll be matched with a consistent dog walker, the same person who will be walking your pup each and every day. If your regular walker happens to ever be out sick, Swifto maintains a dedicated team of cover walkers who will be assigned to fill in temporarily. All of our walkers have undergone a rigorous hiring and training process, are insured, bonded, background checked and Swifto certified! A complimentary Meet & Greet is provided in-home as an opportunity for you and your dog to get acquainted with your walker and develop a personal, trusting relationship. If you aren’t completely satisfied with the walker originally assigned, we are more than happy to match you with another person who may be a better fit.


Any walk that does not fall within the criteria of a "Regular Walk Schedule" of consistent, repeating walks is considered a "Sporadic Walk", which although doesn't include an additional fee has no guaranteed consistent walker. Since our dog walkers have varying pre-planned schedules, there is no way for us to guarantee the same walker for walks that are not consistent. 

Having said that, we will always ask your previous walker first if they can accommodate another dog walk, before reaching out to a new walker. 

We’ve got you covered! We will notify you by email and set you up with another one of our experienced walkers in your area. If you would prefer not to have a cover walker, let us know and we would be happy to cancel and credit you back for the walk.

Absolutely! All of our dog walks are private one-on-one walks, or if you have more than one dog, household walks. Please note that we can only walk multiple dogs together if they are from the same household, not from different apartments within the same building.



At Swifto, we believe your dog deserves the utmost care! Our private walks guarantee your dog will receive the attention to meet his specific needs.

Yes! When you enter your dog’s information on our site, you’ll be able to specify any of your pup’s needs, including feeding, medication, or any other information that we need to know. Our walkers are more than happy to meet your dog’s needs for no extra charge.

When you register with Swifto, you’ll have the option to let us know how the walker will gain access to your apartment:

  • You provide the walker with a set of keys
  • The key is left with a doorman
  • You will be home to let them in
  • You will specify another option

If you have a regular walk schedule, keys are generally exchanged at the initial Meet and Greet. Read More.

Clients can retrieve their keys by either coming into our office, located at 349 5th Ave, the corner of 34th street, during the hours of 9AM-6PM Monday through Friday, or via USPS mail.


When shipping keys, we provide your package's tracking status and package it in a safe, and discrete manner.


Once you have an account, you can easily review your current schedule and request individual or recurring walks online. Just log in to your Swifto account and select the scheduling tab. You will automatically receive a confirmation email when your walker is selected including their contact information and a link to their profile. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at, call, or text us at (917) 746-7633.

Please note that while we offer walks 7 days a week, we schedule all walks (including those requested online) during our business hours, Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm, excluding national holidays.

It’s super easy to cancel individual walks online at any time by logging into your dashboard and selecting the scheduling tab. If you ever need to cancel a repeating walk, just send an email to and we will update your schedule accordingly.

 You can cancel a walk at any time! Just be sure to let us know at least 24 hours in advance if you wish to be credited back for your cancellation. Swifto maintains a strict 24 hour cancellation policy, which is required as a courtesy to our dog walkers who rely on the income of their pre-set walk schedules to make a living, and who without sufficient notice, aren't granted the opportunity of making alternate arrangements to pick up additional work to make up for the loss of income within the time slot that was originally reserved for your scheduled walk. 

If you have a regular, repeating walk schedule, we highly recommend keeping your set walk schedule as constant and unchanging as possible, with minimal scheduling adjustments. As last minute cancellations and reschedules do cause our Dog Walking Professionals to lose valuable work hours, a consistent, set schedule encourages dog walker longevity and reduces turnover rate, resulting in a regular, consistent dog walker for you and your pup! 

Absolutely! We can definitely accommodate last minute walks if they are scheduled with at least 5 hours notice within business hours between 9am - 6pm, Monday - Friday.

If you are in need of a last minute walk with less than 5 business hours notice, we will do our very best to accommodate your last minute dog walking needs, but we cannot guarantee walks scheduled with less than 5 business hours notice, as all last minute walks are subject to walker availability.

Nope! We can accommodate regularly occurring walk schedules as well as sporadic, as needed, or emergency walks. You can view and update your schedule online at any time.

However, if you do a have a repeating Mon-Fri schedule that repeats at the same time 3 times or more a week, we will be able to set you up with a consistent walker every time. 

Regular walks are perfect for dog owners who need someone to take care of  their dog daily while they are at work. Regular walks must occur a minimum of 3 times per week on recurring days & times from one address. If you have a predictable weekday schedule and will need the same walks every week, a Regular schedule is for you.
A regular schedule also gaurantees that you'll get the same walker every time, end ensures consistency for you and your pup. 
Sporadic walks are for one time or infrequent walks, for example if you are working late and need someone to swing by and take your pup out. In that case, you'll still be paying the same price, however although we always give preferance to a walker who has walked your dog before, if you don't have a consistent schedule, we can't guarantee that it will be the same walker every time. Read more.

Swifto's dog walkers have busy and varying schedules, making it difficult to guarantee exact times. Swifto's 2 hour time window ensures that our dog walkers have enough flexibility in order to be on time to walk your dog, while also accounting for delays on public transit, finding an apartment, delays with a doorman, etc. It also gives our office some flexibility in the event of last minute covers or additional walks.


For example: your dog walk will begin anytime during the guaranteed, two-hour time frame. If your walk is scheduled between 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM, that means your walk can begin at any time between those two time frames. Your dog walker will be more than happy to try and accommodate your time requests, but our commitment to you is to ensure that the walk actually begins within the time window. A two-hour time frame is an industry standard with dog walking. Dog walking companies that guarantee exact times aren't realistic. By providing a broader time frame, we're able to guarantee that the walks will in fact start in the time provided.


No problem! Swifto provides walks 7 days a week between the hours of 6:00am-11:00pm at no additional cost.

Adjusting Regular Walks

Certain changes to your schedule such as a change in address, time, day or duration may be difficult for your regular dog walker to accommodate. If this is one time or infrequent change, the walk will be treated the same as any other walk requested outside of your regular schedule. If this is an ongoing change that your current walker cannot accommodate, we will be happy to set you up with a regular walker. 

No problem! You can review your current schedule and request additional walks online at any time by logging in to your dashboard on and clicking on the “Schedule” tab. Often times your regular walker will be available to pick up additional walks, however many of our walkers are in very high demand and cannot always accommodate scheduling changes and additions. If that is the case, you may choose to either cancel the walk, or schedule a Sporadic walk with another one of our talented walkers. Read More.

As a courtesy to our dog walkers, we do ask that regular walks be as consistent as possible. However, we also understand that schedules can change and you may occasionally need to rearrange your walks, so we just ask for at least 24 hours notice for any cancellations to avoid being charged for the dog walk.

If you need to add a last minute walk to your schedule, we can accomodate so long as you give us at least 5 business hours of advance notice. 

You can cancel and request individual walks from your online dashboard by logging in to your account on and selecting the scheduling tab. Recurring walks can also be requested online. If you need to cancel a recurring walk, or for any other changes, just send an email to as always, if you feel more comfortable doing your scheduling over the phone, you can always call us during business hours (Mon-Fri 9am-6pm) at (917) 746-7633 and we'll help you out.

The Dog Walkers

Yes! Swifto only accepts walkers that have legitimate, professional experience in caring for dogs, as well as a college education. Our walkers are knowledgeable, passionate, and driven. 


All of our dog walkers first go through a phone interview where we check to make sure that they are meet our standard requirements, are highly experienced with dogs, and college educated. Afterwards, we schedule a face to face interview to ensure their love for our furry friends. Then we do an authorized background check on each walker. Lastly, the walkers all attend a training day at our main office. Only after all of these qualifications are met can applicants begin walking for Swifto. You can view more about the hiring process here.

Yes! all of our dog walkers are insured and bonded against any accidents that may occur when your dog is in our care. You can take a look at what our insurance covers here.

Absolutely! Swifto employs walkers who have a wide variety of experience with dogs of various sizes, breeds, and temperaments. Our qualified dog walkers are more than happy to walk all and all dog breeds.

The Swifto scheduling team matches new clients with walkers based on the following criteria:

  • dog walker’s previous experience with breeds, dog sizes, puppies or elderly dogs
  • dog walker’s availability
  • any owner specifications:
  •  gender
  • personality

We consider all these factors to guarantee that you and your pup are matched with the best possible walker!

Almost all of our dog walkers have previously owned dogs. If they haven’t, they have had extensive experience working with dogs in other situations, such as volunteering at shelters, walking other’s dogs, and working at vet offices or other dog service industries.

Trusting someone else with your dog can be a new and daunting fear to triumph. When the time to place your trust in someone else’s hands comes about, it’s important to feel safe and comfortable. You want your dog to receive the best possible care while remaining safe and happy. Lucky for you, Swifto gets that. Swifto is a dog walking company that prides itself on high quality and professional care. We take recruiting and training quite seriously, as the safety of your dog remains our top priority. In order to guarantee our best care possible, we must seek out the most qualified people for the job, which is why we hire only 1% of applicants. We hire walkers that are educated, experienced, highly motivated, responsible, caring, and most importantly, have extensive professional experience with dogs. The Swifto recruitment process is multifaceted and taken seriously. 


Swifto hires only college educated walkers that are either in college, have graduated or have taken some college courses, for the previous reasons mentioned. Creative fields and majors, such as animal behavior, music, art, health, etc., provide the necessary steps our walkers need in order to succeed. Swifto also recruits individuals who are college educated in order to ensure they have comprehensive knowledge regarding dogs, time management, organization, dedication, and reliability. We also want you, the owner, to feel as though your dog is receiving the best possible care by highly trained and motivated walkers. Often times, students in college focus solely on getting internships, training, and gaining real-life experience in their respective fields. This makes it so they’re qualified and capable of working immediately after graduating. This acquisition of real-world skills and practice is crucial and something that employers want to see. Swifto seeks out well-rounded individuals and those who have proper experience in order to guarantee an invaluable dog walking experience. 


If you have a college education and seeking employment as a dog walker, be conscious of the certain qualities/ skills we look for. Some skills it takes to be a great dog walker include, being extremely caring, outgoing, responsible, passionate, punctual, professional, and creative. Swifto sets rigid and high standards for its employees so it’s important to be versatile and knowledgable.   At Swifto, we understand how passionate people are about dogs so we must ensure that our dog walkers are the best of the best. Swifto’s two-step interview process and background checks eliminate any under-qualified candidates and confirms that only the most capable are hired. 

We do our best to accommodate any walker requests, but we cannot guarantee their availability outside of regularly scheduled walks. Not to worry though, all of our walkers are highly experienced with dogs, college educated, background checked, insured and bonded. We also select your walker based on your dogs specific preferences such as gender and personality.

Absolutely! We offer a complimentary 30 minute in-home meeting called a Meet and Greet between you, your dog, and your regular walker before walks begin. It’s the perfect time to get to know them and go over any any additional instructions or practical details about your dog. All of the information you share during the meeting is then saved into the walker app so that they may reference it at any point.

Because we cannot guarentee that the same walker will always be available for Sporadic walks, we encourage you to reach out to your walker by phone or text before their first walk with your dog. If you would prefer to meet in person, we are also happy to set up a paid Meet and Greet with any new Sporadic walkers at your request for the cost of $15. 

If you share our passion for dogs and think you’d make a great addition to the Swifto Dog Walking Team, Apply to be a Swifto Dog Walker.

The Technology

Our Swifto GPS Tracking App allows you to track your dog’s walks in real time, receive SMS and picture messages, and confirmations on your dog’s walks. Learn how the Swifto App works.

Your Swifto Account is your personal online profile used to manage your calendar, schedule walks for the future, update your billing information, or make any changes to your or your dog’s profile.

Swifto has a cell phone app that allows you to live track your dog's walk! The app shows the walk's route, alerts and updates, and photos! You can download the app for iPhone and Android. 


App for Android:

App for iPhone:

For your convenience, only the Swifto Dog Walkers need to download the Swifto GPS Tracking App. In order to view your dog’s walk and receive updates, all you have to do is log in to your Swifto Profile at, select your dashboard, and watch your walk via the map.


We did recently release an Android app for our clients as well, but it is absolutely not needed to enjoy our service. 




Price depends on duration and number of dogs in your household. Please note that we exclusively offer private household walks and can only walk multiple dogs at a time if they are from the same household. 
You can take a look at our full pricing right here

To set up your payments:

  • Log In to your Swifto account at
  • select your Dashboard
  • select “Add Credit Card.”

If you need to edit your card info:

  • Log in to your Swifto account
  • select your dashboard
  • select “Edit Credit Card”

Absolutely! For a 20 minute walk you will earn 10 points, 500 points can then be redeemed for a FREE 20 minute walk! 


See here for a full list of how many points you will be earning per walk duration. 

If you are (or were referred by) a current Swifto client, you can take advantage of our Affiliate Program! For every friend who you refer that schedules walks, both of you will receive a free walk. There is no limit to the number of people you can refer or the number of free walks you can accumulate!

All of our payments are done automatically online via credit card. We accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Just log onto your Swifto account and select the billing tab. There you can view all of your past and current invoices, as well as update your credit card information.

When you log into your Swifto account, any remaining credit will be shown as a monetary amount in the billing tab of your dashboard.

For additional or sporadic walks, we charge on a per walk basis when your walker is selected. Click here for more information about adding additional walks to your regular schedule.

No problem! As long as you cancel with at least 24 hours notice, you will be credited towards your next months invoice.

As a new client you will be billed for the first time only after you've had your first meet and greet and confirmed you would like to proceed with the scheduled walks, and in that case will be charged for the first time within a week after your first walk. 

After that, by default you will be charged on the 1st of the month for the following month's schedule, yet you can change your billing frequency to weekly on your dashboard and in that case will be charged every Friday for the following week's schedule. 


If you add additional walks throughout the month/week, you'll be charged an hour after the walk has been scheduled. 


If you add last minute walks, or walks where you only want a specific dog walker, you will only be charged once the walk has been confirmed. 

General Questions

Yes. Swifto does drop offs and picks ups, to and from the vet, groomer, doggy day care, boarding, and more. Just let us know ahead of time by indicating your request on our website!

Swifto's dog walkers know living in the city means getting your dog adjusted to a bustling and chaotic environment. Our walkers understand your dog's needs and requirements. They know how to make your dog feel safe, less scared, and secure in a city environment. Our goal, with regards to getting your dog adjusted, is to gradually help make your dog feel more relaxed. 


A main concern dog owners have when moving to the city is how they are going to get their dog to use concrete for the bathroom. Using concrete, instead of grass, when going to the bathroom is a new experience, but inevitable for a city dog. This transition can be a challenging one, as most dogs feel uncomfortable changing their habits. Addressing this problem as soon as possible will be the most beneficial. Start by gently leading your dog, by his leash, to the area where he should be going to the bathroom. Positively reinforce and immediately reward your dog with treats each time he relieves himself on concrete. If your pup starts heading for the grass, quickly interrupt him by clapping your hands and then redirect him back to the concrete. Praise your pup for his good behavior, as your attitude plays a major role in his behavior change! It will take patience and time to achieve this but eventually your dog will get the hang of it! More helpful advice about new bathroom habits can be read here: Read More


Another concern is how to get your dog used to the loud noises, traffic, and crowded environment of the city. It's important to slowly immerse your dog into the NYC lifestyle. Start at home by opening the kitchen window so your dog can begin to hear and adjust to the sounds of the city. Doing this around feeding time will help him to positively associate these new sounds with things that make him food. You should also slowly bring your dog outside, first by holding him and bringing him near traffic, but not too close. Gradually bring him closer to the roads and then, once he's at ease, allow him to walk. This type of adjustment takes lots of patience, so remain calm and positive. To read more about adjusting your dog the the city environment, read this: Read More

You can let your dog walker know about any and all special hygiene requests before the walk. Swifto's dog walkers are highly experienced with all different types of dogs and their special needs. We are very accommodating and understand that you may have concerns. We know how to properly clean your dog and the variety of ways of doing so, such as, wiping paws, brushing coats, cleaning their behinds after the bathroom, etc. 


Read More

Our dog walkers will be happy to provide any attire for your dog. You should indicate it in your dog profile in order to guarantee the best attire possible. We accommodate for all weather conditions and are always prepared!


Read More

Urinary frequency in dogs differ according to breed, age, size, sex, etc. It’s typically said that smaller dogs and breeds tend to urinate more frequently than larger, older dogs. It’s important to give your dog enough opportunities to relieve himself and know when to do so.


Adult and large dogs have larger bladders than younger, smaller dogs. These dogs should have at least 3 opportunities to relieve themselves per day, about every 6-8 hours. Smaller and younger dogs should have at least 4-5 opportunities to relieve themselves per day, as their bladders are smaller than larger dogs. Dogs with health issues have different requirements when it come to holding it in. Pups with illnesses, such as diabetes or kidney disease, typically need more trips outside per day. Demanding them to hold it in for more than 2-3 hours may be an impossible task. The general rule for all puppies is, “one plus the number of months the puppy is”. Your result is the amount of hours they can hold it in for, but this doesn't directly apply to all puppies, every time. If your puppy is 3 months old, you may need to take him out every 40 minutes or so.


Read More

It's pretty common for your dog to be fearful of passing cars, traffic, or loud sounds outside. If you notice anxious behavior from your dog in one of those scenarios, don't fret! Using positive reinforcement and gradual immersion techniques will definitely help your pup overcome his fears. Start by opening the windows in your house, allowing you dog to get comfortable with the sounds of traffic. Then, move toward bringing him on walks around the block, near traffic and zipping cars. This will slowly give him the exposure he needs to improve even more. Eventually, and with lots of rewards and love, your dog will feel more relaxed and calm. Patience and persistence is key! 


Our Swifto walkers understand that certain dogs are more fearful of vehicles than others. Our walkers cater to each pup's needs and modify each walk accordingly. We work with each dog to help them feel more relaxed and less anxious in the outdoors. 


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It is true that some dogs may prefer women over men. But, a dog's gender bias isn't so black and white. Women exhibit specific behaviors and features, like calm voices, small bodies, and gentle mannerisms, that many dogs find attractive. But, some dogs may also find a man's bigger frame and strength more attractive. Remember that your dog has a personality also and will select who it wants based on its own personal preferences and personality type.


Keep in mind why your dog might be acting up or becoming shy around the opposite gender. Is a certain man or woman associated with a bad experience your dog has? Do you know of any negative experiences in your dog's life? Do you live with someone of the opposite gender? Take into account all of these factors in order to better understand why your dog is behaving the way it is. A dog's preference can be linked to early life experiences.


To avoid a fido freak out during a dog walk, allow your dog to interact with other people. Don't immerse your pup all at once, but rather slowly let him engage with the opposite gender. Encourage socialization at an early age. Patience and positive reinforcement, something Swifto dog walkers encourage among gender-bias dogs, is key. Overtime you will see a difference!


While Swifto doesn’t discriminate based on gender, if your pup genuinely prefers a specific gender then we can accommodate accordingly. 


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Our team of trained and qualified dog walkers specialize in giving the highest quality care to each and every dog. The benefits of our dog walkers far outweigh those of a dog boarding facility. We spend one-on-one time playing, feeding, and walking dogs, something that dog boarding facilities cannot provide. Doggy day cares or kennels are crowded, which creates an uncomfortable and scary environement for your dog, and are breeding grounds for contagious diseases. Because these facilties are cramped, the caregivers can't cater to your dog's special needs or show the necessary affection dogs need to thrive. Swifto's dog walkers pride themselves on prioritizing the needs of the dog, which is an invaluable service that you won't get at any doggy day care facility.


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Every dog needs to have a collar and/or harness and leash clearly handy for each walk. These need to be placed in a visible location for the walker, and they must be in good working condition and safe for the pooch and walker alike. In the event that a walker is unable to find a dog's equipment or feels unsafe using the equipment provided, we do provide each walker with a slip-on safety leash. If you're having trouble finding walk equipment that meets these standards, feel free to reach out to us we'll be happy to work with you to find a solution.


Read More

First Time Dog Owner/New Dog or Puppy

Absolutely! We have a variety of walkers experienced with dogs of all ages, breeds, and temperaments. When you add a dog to your account, you have the option of filling out additional information that will be visible to your walker within the swifto app. If you have any specific needs in a dog walker, just let us know and we will do our best to accommodate. Additionally, we offer a complimentary Meet and Greet (if you have a regular schedule) where you can get to know your walker, introduce them to your dog, and let them know any specific details about your dog. If you have a sporadic schedule, we are happy to set up a paid Meet and Greet at your request.

One of the most common questions new dog owners have is how often they should have their dog walked. Walk frequency depends on your dog’s unique needs based on age, breed, temperament, and training. For more information, click here or give us a call to discuss.

Ideal walk duration depends on your dog’s unique needs based on age, breed, temperament, and training. For more information, click here We do have a 20 minute minimum duration, however if your dog does better with a brief relief walk, it is up to you how the walker spends the remaining time. Especially with smaller breed puppies, many of our clients ask that their walker not spend the entire duration outside. You can let your walker know how long you would like them to spend walking, socializing with other dogs, or playing inside, and they will be happy to accommodate.

As all of our walks are private, Swifto does not have any rules about vaccinations or spaying/neutering. Just let us know if your dog should be kept away from other dogs while on their walk.

It is entirely up to you to decide when your puppy is ready for walks--Swifto does not have any rules about age. For younger puppies who are not quite ready to go outside, we offer puppy visits for a walker to come and play with your new dog and take care of anything such as feeding and changing pads. When your puppy is ready to transition into walks, you can let the walker know how long you would like them to spend walking outside, socializing with other dogs, or playing inside.

Absolutely! Swifto’s walkers have a wide range of experience with dogs of all ages, breeds, and temperaments. If you have any specific requests for your new walker, just let us know and we will do our best to accomodate.