Can I meet my walker?

Absolutely! For clients with a consistent schedule, new clients, or when your regular walker is on vacation, we offer a complimentary 30 minute in-home meeting called a Meet and Greet between you, your dog, and your regular walker before walks begin. It’s the perfect time to get to know them and go over any additional instructions or practical details about your dog. All of the information you share during the meeting is then saved into your dog’s profile so that your walker may reference it at any time as well as any Swifto Team Member who may cover for additional walks when needed. 

The only situation where the meet and greet won’t be complimentary is if you have a sporadic schedule and so we cannot guarantee that the same walker will always be available for sporadic walks, as we never know when you will need them. In that case, you will still get one complimentary meet and greet as a new client, but after that you can reach out to the sporadic walker by phone or text prior to the walk schedule, or pay $15 for additional meet and greets with other sporadic walkers.