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Dog Walking in NYC

Tracked Dog Walks

Every dog walk is tracked by our proprietary GPS app used by our dog walkers, thus allowing you to get text notification when the dog walk starts and ends, a photo of your pup along the way and a route of where exactly the dog walk took place.

Insured Dog Walkers in NYC

Fully Insured

Your dog, keys, property and more are covered under our insurance policy. Learn more about what the insurance covers.

Dog Walk - Pay Online

Dog Walks

Since we care about your dog and want to make sure he gets all the attention needed, we only provide private one-on-one dog walks, unless, of course, they're siblings, in which case we would gladly walk them together.



Meet a few of our dog walkers

Swifto walkers are carefully hand picked, screened and trained by Swifto. All dog walkers are background checked, insured & bonded and highly experienced with dogs to bring you the best service possible.


The Technology

The App

A big worry in the dog walking industry is that you have no real way of knowing whether your dog walker is doing his job unless you hide surveillance equipment in your home. Swifto has created a unique solution to this problem: We have created a smartphone App for our dog walkers that tracks and times them on their walk. You can watch them live or check it out at a later time. Your dog walker will also indicate every time your dog “does his business” or hangs with other dogs.

The Dashboard

Sign into your Swifto profile page to see all the information you’ll ever need to know about your dog's experience. Look up statistics about your dog walks, arrange the scheduling of your dog walks, change your address and much more. Dog walking will never be the same. New features will be added regularly.