Regular walks are perfect for dog owners who need someone to take care of  their dog daily while they are at work. Regular walks must be on recurring days & times from one address, even if it’s just once a day, once a week! If you have a predictable schedule and will need the same walks every week, a Regular schedule is for you.


When you start a regular schedule, we’ll set you up with one consistent walker for every walk. We also offer a complimentary Meet and Greet to get to know your walker and introduce them to your dog. If your regular walker is ever sick or has an emergency and cannot make your walk, we will give you the option of sending a cover or canceling the walk.


If you ever need to schedule an additional walk outside of your regular schedule, we will attempt to pair you with your regular walker, but cannot guarantee their availability. If your regular walker is unavailable, we are happy to schedule a walk with another one of our talented walkers, or else cancel the walk at your request. Click here for more information about scheduling walks outside of your regular schedule. You can also take a looks at our rates, and check out our Sporadic Walks.