What if my dog prefers to be walked by a specific gender?

It is true that some dogs may prefer women over men. But, a dog's gender bias isn't so black and white. Women exhibit specific behaviors and features, like calm voices, small bodies, and gentle mannerisms, that many dogs find attractive. But, some dogs may also find a man's bigger frame and strength more attractive. Remember that your dog has a personality also and will select who it wants based on its own personal preferences and personality type.

Keep in mind why your dog might be acting up or becoming shy around the opposite gender. Is a certain man or woman associated with a bad experience your dog has? Do you know of any negative experiences in your dog's life? Do you live with someone of the opposite gender? Take into account all of these factors in order to better understand why your dog is behaving the way it is. A dog's preference can be linked to early life experiences.

To avoid a fido freak out during a dog walk, allow your dog to interact with other people. Don't immerse your pup all at once, but rather slowly let him engage with the opposite gender. Encourage socialization at an early age. Patience and positive reinforcement, something Swifto dog walkers encourage among gender-bias dogs, is key. Overtime you will see a difference!

While Swifto doesn’t discriminate based on gender, if your pup genuinely prefers a specific gender then we can accommodate accordingly. 

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