Can you describe the hiring process for your dog walkers and pet sitters?

All of our dog walkers and pet sitters first go through a phone interview so we can check to ensure they meet our standard requirements and are highly experienced with dogs, and those experienced with cats get to work with cats too! Only the best of the best are chosen for a face-to-face interview to ensure their love for our furry friends, that they are capable of the job, are reliable, have experience and are Swifto worthy.  Afterward, each person undergoes a thorough background check, we reach out to previous employers if needed and scrutinize their resume. Each Applicant is reviewed internally by at least two people on our team to ensure nothing is missed. Finally, successful candidates complete a thorough 4 step onboarding process which is partially done in-person and partially online. Only after meeting all these qualifications can applicants begin working for Swifto! You can read more about the hiring process here.