Will I get the same dog walker every time?

We often get asked the question, “will I have the same dog walker every time?” so we’d like to explain a bit more about this and how it works!

We totally understand the bond between a dog walker and a dog, and so in general we always like to keep it as consistent as possible between the dog’s and their walkers.


Consistent Schedule

If you have a consistent schedule, you’ll be matched with a consistent dog walker. A consistent schedule means your walks are repeating the same days and times, each week. For example, your dog may need 20 minute walks repeating every Monday through Friday between 12-2 pm. This schedule would be considered recurring which means we will match you with one consistent dog walker, and you’ll get a complimentary meet and greet with him/her before starting.

A consistent schedule doesn’t necessarily mean every day, it can also be say once or twice a week at a set time, or even once every other week, so long as the schedule is consistent, the dog walker can then reserve your spot in their calendar and be sure to be available indefinitely during those time frames.

If your regular walker happens to ever need time off, no worries! We will have one of our other qualified and experienced dog walkers fill in and will offer a complimentary meet and greet if time allows. We will, of course, always reach out to any previous walkers first before asking the rest of the team.

Sporadic Schedule

Any walk that does not fall within the criteria of consistent, repeating walks is considered a "Sporadic Walk." Sporadic walks are for one-time or infrequent walks. For example, if you are working late and need someone to swing by and take your dog out, or if you’re a nurse and every week your shift schedule changes. Sporadic walks do not include an additional fee, but rather have no guaranteed consistent walker. Since our dog walkers have varying pre-planned schedules, there is no way for us to guarantee the same walker for walks that are not consistent. However, we will always ask any previous dog walker’s first if they can accommodate another dog walk, before reaching out to a dog walker who hasn’t met your dog beforehand.

We hope this clears up any questions you may have in regards to the consistency of the dog walker. If you have any additional questions or are ready to book a walk with one of our pawtastic dog walkers or update any currently scheduled walks, email us at scheduling@swifto.com, or give us a call or just text us (In NYC - (917)746-7633, in Miami (786)408-7870, in North Carolina (980)399-5980) or you can add a walk online.