What is the difference between Regular and Sporadic walks?

Regular walks are perfect for dog owners who need someone to take care of their dog daily while they are at work. Regular walks are when you have the same schedule every week. For example, 20 minute walks starting between 1-3 pm, every Monday through Friday. We provide consistent walkers for a consistent schedule that way both you and your pup can form a long-lasting relationship with your walker! If you have a predictable weekday schedule and will need the same walks every week, even if it is just one day a week, a Regular schedule is for you.
A regular schedule also gaurantees that you'll get the same walker every time, end ensures consistency for you and your pup. 
Sporadic walks are for one time or infrequent walks, for example if you are working late and need someone to swing by and take your pup out. In that case, you'll still be paying the same price, however although we always give preferance to a walker who has walked your dog before, if you don't have a consistent schedule, we can't guarantee that it will be the same walker every time. Read more.