dog walker

Consistent Schedule

Over 90% of the dog walks and visits we provide are repeating, meaning you'll get to walk the same dog every time on a consistent schedule. In addition, you'll still have the option to pick up sporadic walks and visits here and there if your schedule allows you to.

dog walker

Make this your job

As opposed to other services that just provide you with a dog walking gig here and there, at Swifto, this can either be your primary or secondary source of consistent income. You have the flexibility to work as much or as little as you want, allowing you to balance it with another job. Many of our team members choose to do between 25 and 40 dog walks a week, making this their main or secondary source of income. 


What we're looking for

Previous experience and a real passion for dogs

Previous experience and a real passion for dogs

A 6 month commitment

A 6 month commitment

Available consistently Monday through Friday from 11AM -3PM

Available consistently Monday through Friday from 11AM -3PM (or other consistent times)

Available to do a minimum of 15 dog walks a week

Available to do a minimum of 15 dog walks a week


Become part of the Swifto family!

These are some of our amazing benefits:

  • You are a W2 Employee which includes unemployment, and workers compensation insurance.
  • Pay raise every 400 walks
  • Employee discounts through ADP
  • FREE Urgent Care telemedicine and FREE commonly prescribed medication for you and your family


What type of schedules do you offer?

All of the applicants must be able to work the same time slot of their choice consistently for a 6 month period. For example, if you choose to be a midday walker, you must be able to work consistently from 11am-3pm, Monday - Friday, for at least 6 months. This also applies for our morning weekday (6am-11am), evening weekday (5pm-11pm), and weekend time slots as well.

What’s an example of a day working at Swifto?

On a typical day of working here, you’ll do 5-6 walks a day depending on your availability. You’ll start by going over your schedule on the app the previous night so you’re prepared for the next day. You’ll make sure you have the keys needed and plan out which route you will take to get to all of your walks on time. Once it is time to do your first walk, you’ll travel to your first walk and greet your furry friend! You’ll make sure Fido is fastened in comfortably and securely to his harness or leash, then it’s time for an adventure! Throughout the walk, you’ll need to pay close attention to how the dog’s feeling, if he’s made any new friends, what he’s interested in, etc and when he does his business. You’ll have the pup you’re walking pose for some cute photos to send to the client, then once you’re finished you'll travel to your next regular client, and, once you’re finished for the day, you’ll head back home knowing you made some Swifto dogs happy as can be!

What will my route look like?

As a dog walker at Swifto you will have a consistent route and can pick up some sporadic walks here and there as well. Your consistent route will all be in the same neighborhood but won't necessarily be close to your home, typically a dog walker will travel up to 30 minutes to their route, then their walks will be within walking distance throughout your scheduled time slot.

How long does the application process take?

The application process usually takes about a week from start to finish, depending on your availability and if all goes smoothly. First, you’ll submit your application on the Swifto website here. From there, someone from our team will give you a call. If we think you are a good fit, you’ll be invited to the office for an in person interview. If that goes well, we will start your training and onboarding process! Training generally takes a day, and the onboarding process can be completed within a day if you complete all of your documents quickly.

How much will I get paid?

On an average day working for Swifto, you will do between 5-10 walks a day depending on your specific schedule. Take a look at the pay chart here to calculate your earnings. For a 20 minute walk, your starting pay is $12.5. So, if you do seven 20 minute walks a day your starting pay would come out to be $87.5 per day + tips. You are welcome to do as many walks as you'd like per day, but keep in mind that it does take time to get from one doggy client to the other. Every 400 walks you complete, assuming your performance is up to par, you are promoted to the next tier which comes with an automatic pay raise.