Temporary suspension of walks

Due to the outbreak we have decided to suspend service at least until Sunday April 5th. We will all be on standby carefully watching the news waiting for this to be contained and get back to walking your best friends! Stay safe everyone and wash your paws!

Do you offer Cat Visits?

Yes! We currently offer cat visits which includes feeding your cat, changing the litter box, refilling the water, brushing, playing, and giving snuggles, love, and attention to your kitty! We can also water your plants, turn off and on your lights, or bring in your mail! 

Cat visits are priced the same as dog walks:

20 Min = $20 / Visit
30 Min = $25 / Visit
45 Min = $31 / Visit
60 Min = $37 / Visit
90 Min = $49 / Visit
2 hours = $61 / Visit
4 hours = $109 / Visit

Every Additional Cat = $5 / Visit
For now, please register as a dog profile. Cat registration coming soon! For more details, click here