When you register with Swifto, you’ll have the option to let us know how the walker will gain access to your apartment:

  • You provide the walker with a set of keys (NYC and Miami clients only)
  • The key is left with a doorman and your Swifto walker obtains your key from them each time they arrive to walk your pup.
  • You or someone else will be home to allow the walker access to your home
  • Lockbox Access: You may feel free to purchase a lockbox and leave it in your desired location outside of your apartment. Swifto is also happy to send you a lockbox directly to your home at no cost to you. - although Swifto is not responsible for lost, stolen, or broken lockboxes, so please use this method with discretion.
  • You will specify another option (such as a keypad, etc)
What if I live in a non-doorman building?

If you live in a non-doorman building, keys are generally exchanged at the initial Meet and Greet (NYC and Miami clients only).

How do I exchange keys with my dog walker? (NYC and Miami clients only)

The initial key exchange typically occurs during the meet & greet. At this time you can either provide your walker with one set of keys, and another will be copied by our Swifto office staff to keep in our secured key storage locker in case of emergency, or you may provide them with two copies of your key and the second set will be dropped off at our office. If your key is unable to be duplicated, we kindly request you contacting your landlord or building manager to obtain a second copy of that key to have on file in case of emergency. 


For more information about the security of your keys, click here.

In North Carolina, we will need you to please set up a lockbox, have a keypad, or another way to enter your home that does not require the dog walker to keep your keys. If you are interested in becoming lockbox access, we are more than happy to send you one for FREE!