What is extended dog sitting and when can it be used?


We have received many questions about Swifto’s dog sitting service so we’d like to explain a bit more about what it is and how it works! 
Extended dog sitting is one of the many services Swifto offers and is when the dog sitter will be with your dog for the entire duration of the visit, whether this be for 2 hours or 5 hours! Dog sitting is different from overnight stays, which is when the walker would physically stay the night in your apartment and do a morning and evening walk. Dog sitting also differs from dog walking, which is when the walker would drop by during the scheduled walk time window(s) to walk your dog for the selected duration and then leave afterward. 
Dog sitting typically takes place in the comfort of your own home but if you have another location in mind, just let us know. Extended dog sitting is a great choice for dogs who are used to having someone with them at all times, have separation anxiety, or are not feeling well. Dog sitting is also an option for pet parents for those days when you are going to be gone for longer than you'd like to leave your dog alone, such as if you have a family gathering or a day trip planned, and drop-in visits or dog walks are just not enough!
For example, let’s say you have a dinner and show to attend and need someone to be with your dog for the full 4 hours you are gone, but rather than scheduling a thirty minute dog walk sometime in the middle, you really need someone to be with your dog the whole entire time,we can add this in as a 4 hour visit. If it ends up taking slightly less or more time, that’s usually fine as well (so long as the dog walker is available afterwards), and we will just adjust the pricing accordingly. 
For visits 2 hours or longer, we can provide a 1-hour time window for your dog, so you have a better idea when the dog walker will be arriving. 

How you’d like your dog sitter to spend that time with your dog is completely up to you! Our pawtastic dog sitter can walk your dog for part of the time, or play inside with them, or a mixture of both! You can even have your dog sitter take your dog on multiple walks throughout the visit duration, or spend the full 4 hours at the dog park if you wish. All you have to do is update your walk notes and one of our dog sitters will be happy to oblige! You can count on your dog sitter being with your dog the entire duration, either inside or outside!