The Swifto Team understands the deep bond people share with their pets, so we have made it a priority to only hire the best dog walkers and pet sitters in the city. We’ve done this by carefully vetting every single dog walker and pet sitter that we work with. We ensure that our team is the best of the best. In fact, we only hire less than 1% of our applicants. Let us explain how:

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Two Interviews

Every single person that becomes a dog walker for Swifto goes through two interviews. One phone interview, to make sure that they meet our basic requirements, and then a personal interview to make sure that they are experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate about dogs. Our staff only selects the cream of the crop: the people with the best dog walking (and people) skills who will provide quality doggy care every single time.

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All of our dog walkers have had years of experience with dogs. Including but not limited to:

  • Having worked as a  dog walker or a pet sitter in the past.
  • Having owned at least one dog.
  • Having volunteered at places like a shelter or a doggy day care.
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A Background Check

Before welcoming anyone to our team, we have a strict screening process including a criminal background check. Rest assured, we only hire people who have surpassed our rigorous standards!

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A comprehensive in-person onboarding process

Our onboarding process is thorough and tailored to each local area. Depending on the area, this may involve activities such as shadow walks or specific orientation sessions like harness and leash training. Across all locations, our aim is to ensure that our dog walkers and pet sitters are not only caring and experienced with dogs and/or cats but are also well-prepared. This includes practical steps such as a practice test walk, an online course on dog behavior and safety, and an in-person session on professionalism in dog walking and pet sitting, all conducted locally to maintain the highest standards of service.