What if my dog isn't used to city life?

Swifto's dog walkers know living in the city means getting your dog adjusted to a bustling and chaotic environment. Our walkers understand your dog's needs and requirements. They know how to make your dog feel safe, less scared, and secure in a city environment. Our goal, with regards to getting your dog adjusted, is to gradually help make your dog feel more relaxed. 


A main concern dog owners have when moving to the city is how they are going to get their dog to use concrete for the bathroom. Using concrete, instead of grass, when going to the bathroom is a new experience, but inevitable for a city dog. This transition can be a challenging one, as most dogs feel uncomfortable changing their habits. Addressing this problem as soon as possible will be the most beneficial. Start by gently leading your dog, by his leash, to the area where he should be going to the bathroom. Positively reinforce and immediately reward your dog with treats each time he relieves himself on concrete. If your pup starts heading for the grass, quickly interrupt him by clapping your hands and then redirect him back to the concrete. Praise your pup for his good behavior, as your attitude plays a major role in his behavior change! It will take patience and time to achieve this but eventually your dog will get the hang of it! More helpful advice about new bathroom habits can be read here: Read More


Another concern is how to get your dog used to the loud noises, traffic, and crowded environment of the city. It's important to slowly immerse your dog into the city lifestyle. Start at home by opening the kitchen window so your dog can begin to hear and adjust to the sounds of the city. Doing this around feeding time will help him to positively associate these new sounds with things that make him happy...like food. You should also slowly bring your dog outside, first by holding him and bringing him near traffic, but not too close. Gradually bring him closer to the roads and then, once he's at ease, allow him to walk. This type of adjustment takes lots of patience, so remain calm and positive. To read more about adjusting your dog the the city environment, read this: Read More