Temporary suspension of walks

Due to the outbreak we have decided to suspend service at least until Sunday April 5th. We will all be on standby carefully watching the news waiting for this to be contained and get back to walking your best friends! Stay safe everyone and wash your paws!

The Swifto Walkers

Swifto's team of dog walkers are highly experienced and dedicated professionals who pride themselves on providing the highest quality care while prioritizing your dog's safety and happiness. Their passion, experience, knowledge, and love for dogs is what makes them so excellent!

Ivan H.
A life-long animal lover, I have always been the go-to for all of my family and friends' pet-sitting needs. Along with caring for animals since childhood, I have years of experience in the professional pet-care industry. Having loved my own german-shepherd for over a decade, I understand that our dogs are family more than anything, and will treat yours as such.

Hector M.
Apply to school again, but while I wait i'm spending time doing things i'm passionate about. I fill my time with part-time work and some of my favorite hobbies like exercising and joining soccer meetups. Growing up i was surrounded by dogs and I've always looked forward to being with them, as well as working with them. They can be the difference between a lonely home and a fun energetic place full of love and affection. I truly love and respect all animals but hold a deeper gratification for the unconditional love dogs reward us with.

Rachel G.
As someone who grew up with dogs and cats, I have a great understanding on how to treat animals and properly care for their needs. The health and happiness of an animal has always been a top priority and I enjoy helping owners feel comfortable with the care of their pet. When I'm not dog walking I'm designing and developing applications for the web and smartphones. I have over 10 years experience with customer success, love pushing myself when it comes to difficult tasks and feel satisfaction when I'm able to overcome somewhat impossible problems.

Sanae N.
German Shepherds, Pit Bulls, Chihuahuas, Dobermans, Labradoodles-- you name it, I've loved and cared for it! My name is Sanae and I moved to NYC in August 2019. I will begin taking graduate courses in Psychology in about one or two years, but I am currently an undergraduate at The New School (Lang) studying Sociology with an intended concentration in Gender Studies (through a Race and Ethnicity lens) and Politics. One of the Politics courses I am currently enrolled in is called Human Animal Dualism, a study on the relationships between human and nonhuman animals (and intersectional relationships within this binary that may or may not fit into it perfectly.) I am originally from Los Angeles, where I have lived (alongside dogs) my entire life. Being across the country from "home" means being across the country from my many furry babies. I would love to lend you a hand in taking care of yours when you ever may need, and I assure you that working with your dog will be mutually beneficial for your pup and I (and you as well!) I am athletic, energetic, loving, and rewarding when I need to be. I am the perfect stand-in best friend for your dog!

Vance C.
H there! Having recently moved here to New York from Toronto, its given me the opportunity to do what I enjoy most - hanging out with dogs! I have 2 dogs of my own; a 5 year old energetic Labradoodle and a 10 year old lover of hugs, PomShih. Growing up I always had pets..whether it be rabbits, guinea pigs, turtles, and dogs. I've also worked at a dog boutique store back home as well volunteered at an animal shelter because my love of animals. I always think that your pets are a part of the family. Its an unbreakable bond and they are your best friends. I would treat your furbaby as if they are my own and hopefully you'll select me to help you out! Can't wait to meet you guys!

Christian H.
Having raised dogs since I was a child, I've been an avid lover of our four legged best friends for as long as I can remember. I grew up alongside a beautiful German Shepherd who lived a very happy 18 years with my family. I'm an avid fan of the arts, indulging in illustration and the creation of music myself, and I love participating in art-centered events around the city. When I'm not skateboarding around Queens I'm usually at home practicing my guitar or writing poetry.

Chris M.
Hello I am so excited to be part of the Swifto team. I am a born and raised New Yorker and I have been around dogs since I was 5 years old. My family owned 3 small breeds since then: toy yorkie, toy poodle and a chihuahua. I have been around large breeds with my siblings and friends dogs: Great Dane, Chocolate Lab, Pitbull, Husky, and a few hound mix dogs. I have walked and dog sat some of these breeds and feel comfortable with the scale of dogs. Outside of dog walking I am a portrait and events photographer, I have even started a project called dogs of NYC which has been the most fulfilling. I love being around dogs and couldn’t imagine life without them.

Giordan N.
Hello my name is Giordan, I'm a carpenter for hire and am now a dog Walker. I have had plenty of experiences with so many pups. My last 2 pups Dora and Buster, were a lovely Chihuahua and Pitbull. Quite the pair they were but I loved them dearly. Another dog that I had the pleasure with working with was Daisy, a type of Terrier with the back 2 legs paralyzed. She loved her walks and to be carried, quite the energetic pup. Being quite the animal lover, I decided to make this more of a profession.

Javier J.
Hello my name is Javier. I am a very caring, attentive, reliable, and friendly person. I love being outdoors, getting exercise, and exploring the city. Love being around animals of all kinds. I am a very patient and compassionate person as I have been in retail and hospitality for over 10 years. I look forward to meeting you and your wonderful dog!

Robert M.
Hello My name is Robert. I am a native New Yorker born and raised in uptown Manhattan. I am currently attending LaGuardia community college in my last semester heading towards graduation in June 2019 in hopes of getting accepted into City College Marketing Program. I consider myself a easy going individual who is a big dog lover. On my personal time i spend it with my best pal Duncan. He is a 8 year old Maltipoo and we have matching beards =] Duncan is KING

Sebat C.
Hello my name is Sebat! I have bachelor’s degree in humanities and I have been a professional dog walker for a year now. I currently live in Hell’s Kitchen. I used to have a chow chow and a terrier when I was growing up. I have a pug and a puggle now. I love reading and watching movies. Your dog’s safety and happiness is my top priority during our walks. I look forward to meeting you and your pups!

Bryan P.
Hello there! My name is Bryan, I'm from the Bronx, and I am a passionate animal lover. I was the kid that regularly watched animal planet and always asked if someone has a pet before visiting their house for the first time. I currently have a BS in Zoology and I plan on going to grad school for physical therapy then get certified to do PT on cats and dogs. I previously owned a chocolate lab for 12 years and now I own a tuxedo cat. I have experience walking and pet sitting dogs for family and friends. I treat all animals with respect and treat them as if they're my own children, rest assured I will do the same for your dogs. Safety and ensuring your dog has a great walk are my priorities.

Ivy Joan V.
Hello there, my name is Ivy and I live in Brooklyn. I’m currently studying for the Nursing board exams. I have been a dog lover since my first dog in 2010 and an animal lover since birth. Dogs are very loyal and they never judge and are always happy to see us return, whether we’ve been gone five hours or five minutes. I love looking at their furry face when you go near the leash, and you’re walking out the door. They get so excited and do their tippy dance. This job grants me that opportunity and I absolutely can’t wait to meet you and your pets and take great care of them!

Alanis C.
Hello! My name is Alanis, and I am currently a film student at Pace University. I have two dogs of my own who are brother and sister, Penny and Thunder, and they are a lovely Labrador-beagle mix, as well as my pride and joy!! Besides being a dog and general animal-lover, I enjoy reading plays and literature, going on runs and attending hot yoga classes, and just about any outdoor activity!

Raquel B.
Hello! I am a current graduate student at New York University pursuing my Master's in Social Work. I chose to work at Swifto because I absolutely love dogs and thought a job in dog walking would be a wonderful experience. I have owned dogs since the day I was born. Throughout my life I have lived with 8 dogs of all different breeds. In this time, I have gotten plenty of experience training and walking them. I am so excited to meet all of the adorable pups in New York and take them on our own little adventures!

Abigail M.
Hello! I am a human originally hailing from Bangor, Maine. I have owned and trained two golden retrievers (Sandy and Penny) and two Australian Shepherd/Beagle mix doggies (Blue and Willow) personally! Additionally, I have pet sat and walked for two adorable Shih Tzus (Pickles and Elvis) and a Mini Poodle (Leo). I have also cared for goats, cats, guinea pigs, and llamas! Outside of loving dogs, I love to hike, write songs, and read (and re-read) Stephen King books.

Gladys S.
Hello! Is a pleasure to meet you! I am the proud parent of Liam and Bubba, my fur babies, and I am now the proud employee of Swifto. It is my pleasure to be of service to you and your family pet. I fostered for Waggytail rescue since 2006 and it has provided me with a great experience in caring for cats and dogs until they found their forever homes. I look forward to meeting you and provide the care and service you require for your pet. Respectfully, Gladys

Samantha F.
Hello! I’m Samantha! Born and raise here in New York. I’ve had many pups growing up and cats as well. I’m an artist and photographer for a few years now. I really enjoy taking care of all my dogs and treat ever one of them like my own. All of them have their own unique personalities and it’s fun getting to hang out with them!!

Kori H.
Hello! My name is Kori, and I'm originally from Texas. I just recently moved to New York with my partner and two precious dogs (an Australian Shepard mix and a Doxin mix) Bean, my Doxin mix, suffers from anxiety, which requires a lot of patience and care. Asher, my Australian shepherd mix, is allergic to food, which also involves a lot of care and attention. Both of my dogs have a daily routine of a 30-minute walk every morning and every evening. They also get to enjoy time with their friends at the dog park every other day. Having been around all different types of dogs since childhood, I've learned to be a responsible dog and pet owner from a very young age. Dogs offer unconditional love and are incredibly loyal animals; they deserve that in return. :) During my free time, I enjoy hiking, bike riding, painting, reading, writing, playing my guitar, and teaching my fur babies new tricks! I'm excited to be a new member of the Swifto team and get to work with other wonderful dog owners providing the best care possible to their fur babies! :)

Tim H.
Hello! My name is Tim, and dogs are my one true passion. Having a lifetime of experience with both a dog of my own and animals I have worked with professionally, I assure you that your pet is in great hands! I provide a calm, affectionate, and confident presence that will keep your dog both happy and healthy. I love what I do and caring for animals never fails to put a smile on my (and dogs') faces!