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The Swifto Walkers

Swifto's team of dog walkers are highly experienced and dedicated professionals who pride themselves on providing the highest quality care while prioritizing your dog's safety and happiness. Their passion, experience, knowledge, and love for dogs is what makes them so excellent!

Ivan H.
A life-long animal lover, I have always been the go-to for all of my family and friends' pet-sitting needs. Along with caring for animals since childhood, I have years of experience in the professional pet-care industry. Having loved my own german-shepherd for over a decade, I understand that our dogs are family more than anything, and will treat yours as such.

Vance C.
H there! Having recently moved here to New York from Toronto, its given me the opportunity to do what I enjoy most - hanging out with dogs! I have 2 dogs of my own; a 5 year old energetic Labradoodle and a 10 year old lover of hugs, PomShih. Growing up I always had pets..whether it be rabbits, guinea pigs, turtles, and dogs. I've also worked at a dog boutique store back home as well volunteered at an animal shelter because my love of animals. I always think that your pets are a part of the family. Its an unbreakable bond and they are your best friends. I would treat your furbaby as if they are my own and hopefully you'll select me to help you out! Can't wait to meet you guys!

Chris M.
Hello I am so excited to be part of the Swifto team. I am a born and raised New Yorker and I have been around dogs since I was 5 years old. My family owned 3 small breeds since then: toy yorkie, toy poodle and a chihuahua. I have been around large breeds with my siblings and friends dogs: Great Dane, Chocolate Lab, Pitbull, Husky, and a few hound mix dogs. I have walked and dog sat some of these breeds and feel comfortable with the scale of dogs. Outside of dog walking I am a portrait and events photographer, I have even started a project called dogs of NYC which has been the most fulfilling. I love being around dogs and couldn’t imagine life without them.

Giordan N.
Hello my name is Giordan, I'm a carpenter for hire and am now a dog Walker. I have had plenty of experiences with so many pups. My last 2 pups Dora and Buster, were a lovely Chihuahua and Pitbull. Quite the pair they were but I loved them dearly. Another dog that I had the pleasure with working with was Daisy, a type of Terrier with the back 2 legs paralyzed. She loved her walks and to be carried, quite the energetic pup. Being quite the animal lover, I decided to make this more of a profession.

Javier J.
Hello my name is Javier. I am a very caring, attentive, reliable, and friendly person. I love being outdoors, getting exercise, and exploring the city. Love being around animals of all kinds. I am a very patient and compassionate person as I have been in retail and hospitality for over 10 years. I look forward to meeting you and your wonderful dog!

Bryan P.
Hello there! My name is Bryan, I'm from the Bronx, and I am a passionate animal lover. I was the kid that regularly watched animal planet and always asked if someone has a pet before visiting their house for the first time. I currently have a BS in Zoology and I plan on going to grad school for physical therapy then get certified to do PT on cats and dogs. I previously owned a chocolate lab for 12 years and now I own a tuxedo cat. I have experience walking and pet sitting dogs for family and friends. I treat all animals with respect and treat them as if they're my own children, rest assured I will do the same for your dogs. Safety and ensuring your dog has a great walk are my priorities.

Gladys S.
Hello! Is a pleasure to meet you! I am the proud parent of Liam and Bubba, my fur babies, and I am now the proud employee of Swifto. It is my pleasure to be of service to you and your family pet. I fostered for Waggytail rescue since 2006 and it has provided me with a great experience in caring for cats and dogs until they found their forever homes. I look forward to meeting you and provide the care and service you require for your pet. Respectfully, Gladys

Kori H.
Hello! My name is Kori, and I'm originally from Texas. I just recently moved to New York with my partner and two precious dogs (an Australian Shepard mix and a Doxin mix) Bean, my Doxin mix, suffers from anxiety, which requires a lot of patience and care. Asher, my Australian shepherd mix, is allergic to food, which also involves a lot of care and attention. Both of my dogs have a daily routine of a 30-minute walk every morning and every evening. They also get to enjoy time with their friends at the dog park every other day. Having been around all different types of dogs since childhood, I've learned to be a responsible dog and pet owner from a very young age. Dogs offer unconditional love and are incredibly loyal animals; they deserve that in return. :) During my free time, I enjoy hiking, bike riding, painting, reading, writing, playing my guitar, and teaching my fur babies new tricks! I'm excited to be a new member of the Swifto team and get to work with other wonderful dog owners providing the best care possible to their fur babies! :)

Amanda A.
Hello, my name is Amanda and as a dedicated pet owner myself, I understand and empathize with pet owners and their concerns for reliable pet care. Since a child I have always been surrounded by dogs and puppies and have been the go-to person for friends and family when they need a pet-sitter or dog-walker.

Davel R.
Hello, my name is Davel, and I look forward to meeting you and your dog. I have grown up with a variety of them, some I have owned, others through family. I enjoy my time with them and look for ways to continue this. As a recent college graduate, I assure you I am committed to the call when needed and will do my best to get the job done.

Destiny V.
Hello, my name is Destiny and I am here to be your lifesaver. I was born and raised in Harlem, currently a senior at my high school and now working for Swifto. I’ve had a lot of great years long experiences with dogs in the past and I believe I can extend it here at Swifto. Im eager to continue my education to become a Veterinarian. My clients and pets trust & satisfaction is important to me which will be my main concern as your dog walker.

djordje d.
Hello, my name is Djordje, my interests are in music, painting and animals. I have taken care of people's animals for most of my life, and will absolutely love to take care of yours!

Molly S.
Hello, my name is Molly! I have worked with dogs and animals of all kinds my whole life. I spent most of my childhood working and hanging around on horse farms in Baltimore County, Maryland. Growing up, we always had Sheperd mutts, so I have a soft spot in my heart for those. These days I spend most of my time working outdoors, as my other job is teaching nature preschool!

Jesliann M.
Hey my name is Jesliann and I currently own two dogs of my own. I am a big dog love and a animal lover in general. I own birds, snakes and of course my loving dogs. I am a after school group leader as well in the afternoon time. I am also going to college soon as well and I love to go out into nature and hike.

Brandon L.
Hey there! I am a former Army Ranger and current student at Columbia University. Training for and running ultramarathons is my passion. Along with a love for running, I also carry a love for all animals. I have raised dogs all of my life and currently have two chocolate labs of my own that get so much affection which I look forward to passing onto your pup as well. In my past job, I have worked with multipurpose military canines so I can handle your furry friend no problem. Big or small your dog is in excellent hands.

Alexis C.
Hey there! My name is Alexis and I am an avid musician, runner & healthy living advocate. I have been a life-long dog lover and I take pride in my love & respect for animals. My beautiful 9-year-old red nose Pitbull named Stella, has been with me since she was a puppy and I do everything for her. She’s a huge ball of energy but never enough for me. I grew up with all kinds of animals and got my first dog when I was 7-years-old. Bonding with animals is second nature to me, from feeding stray cats on a casual walk home, to becoming a vegetarian, aspiring to be vegan. I’ve also boarded dogs for neighbors and friends, it humbles me to be trusted with such a task cause I know how much Stella means to me. I honestly can not wait to meet you and your dog and become his/her new best friend.

Kris A.
Hey there! My name is Kristen or Kris for short. I’m about to turn 23 years old on November 18th. I have owned many dogs, I have provided and cared for each for many years. I own two male leopard geckos, a Bombay cat, and a yorkie mix; he’s my baby. I love long walks to admire nature. I absolutely love walking dogs!

Jacinda A.
Hey! My name is Jacinda, I'm a free spirit that loves long adventurous walks, food is my bestfriend and no I didn't just describe your dog, but I couldn't be more excited to make friends with your pup, I could assure you that your dog will be safe with me and love me just as much as I love them!

Dora R.
Hi my name is Dora. I have grown up around dogs my whole life. From the age of 4 to 16 I had a Shih Tzu named Misty. I currently have an 8 year old Pekapoo. Many family members of mine have always had dogs from Shih Tzu's, Yorkie's, Pitbulls, and more. I have walked dogs as a living. I've walked dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a dog enjoying their walk or play time and even meal time. I love being around animals more than anything and I look forward to getting to know you and your pets.

Susannah V.
Hi my name is Susannah. I am a cheerful and positive person. I love animals especially cats and dogs. I have experience with both cats and dogs. I myself have both a cats and dog at home! I am also experienced with giving meds. I hope I get a chance to meet you and your dog.