The Swifto Walkers

Swifto's team of dog walkers are highly experienced and dedicated professionals who pride themselves on providing the highest quality care while prioritizing your dog's safety and happiness. Their passion, experience, knowledge, and love for dogs is what makes them so excellent!

Jesse B.
I am a freelance journalist and a dog walker. I recently finished a master's degree in Middle Eastern Studies at NYU. Aside from my interest in dog walking, I am also passionate about music, history and philosophy. I love spending time outdoors and exploring the city. I also like to cook, go to concerts and movies, and have good conversations with friends. My family owned a miniature pinscher named Skippy when I was growing up. Since then, I have also lived with two roommates who had dogs, a beagle and a golden retriever.

Billy G.
Hey, my name is Billy. I am a animal freak and i enjoy riding non motorized vehicles such as aggressive inlines. My clients and animal family will be treated with love and respect. I understand that patience is key and that dogs need us, but not as much as we need them.

Benjamin S.
Hi! My name is Ben and I moved to NYC from Chicago about nine months ago. I spent my last year in Chicago working at a start-up company specializing in dog products. Several of my coworkers would bring their dogs to work and it was part of my job to walk and play with them. I enjoyed this very much and look forward to walking dogs in NYC. Outside of work I am an artist and musician living in Ridgewood, Queens. I can be found at gallery and music events city wide. I look forward to meeting you and your dogs!

Daniel P.
I have two dogs a teacup yorkie who is 9 years old named pebbles and a chihuahua that is 3 years old named amber. I have a very active lifestyle and I love going for long walks with my dogs. I have always had a passion for dogs I've had dogs for a majority of my life on and off.

Zack M.
Hello my name is Zack I’ve had three dogs High energy Lab Medium energy sheltie And a very low energy pug I love everything music And batman is the best superhero hands down

Lorena C.
Hello my name's Lorena, I'm from Argentina and came here to NYC in 2000. I'm currently working on my bachelors degree for Veterinary Technology. I'm very passionate about all animals. I see them as precious gems that are sacred in life that should never be used for testing, entertainment, eating, clothing, profit, etc. Every furry client I have is treated as they were my own. I have one furry family member named Daisy! She is a young chubby Shih-Poo. *Pet CPR & First Aid certified 2018

Eren C.
Hi! My name is Eren, I grew up with two beautiful silly and energetic Australian Shepherds. I love big dogs with lots of energy, and small dogs with huge personalities!

Reynaldo T.
I love dogs! I promise that I’ll treat your dog just like how I treat my dogs.

Anna N.
Hello Dog Owners! I am an experienced and positive dog walker and pet sitter. I have lived in the city for over 5 years working as a sitter and receptionist and doing improv and sketch comedy at night. I have an open and flexible schedule and like to bring a happy and caring energy into all the home I walk for!

Susan S.
Hi! My name is Susan and I am a lover of dogs and the mother to a beautiful Pomeranian named Chanel. My whole life I've had a love for dogs and have cared for a range of breeds including Chihuahuas, Pit Bull Terriers, Shih Tzu's, Daschunds and Cocker Spaniels, just to name a few! I have a special connection with dogs and know how to communicate with them as well as to understand what they are trying to communicate to me. I am caring, loving and enjoy helping others and I can't wait to meet your furry friend!

Daniel S.
Hi! My name is Danny and I am a proud dog owner and lover. I understand how important it is to have a reliable and attentive person to take care of your fur child when you are not at home. I look forward to providing personal service based on any instructions or special needs you or your dog may have. I would encourage a meet and greet to get to know one another and discuss any needs, wants, issues or concerns.

Jo-Ayla V.
Hi! My name is Jo and I am a born and raised New yorker. I have an amazing Chocolate Labrador named Mista Pikle Butt who I raised since he was 7 weeks old. I am a certified dog groomer and enrolled to become a certified dog trainer. Dogs are my passion!

Allison J.
I am currently a college student majoring in Vet tech. I am very organized, easy learner and a team player. I love working with different breeds of dogs and having the opportunity to care for them. I have a Yorkshire Terrier living with me right now. I enjoy being outdoors and spending my day with dogs.

Thomas O.
I love walking dogs! I have lots of experience with all types of breeds, hello, my name is Tom and I find real joy in this work

Aaditya P.
I am a student at the New York College of Technology, majoring in Communication Design. I went to film school in 2015 and now I am a certified Producer. I own a toy poodle, walk him four times a day and pet sat other dogs too. Would really like to walk and take care of other dogs too.

Eleora-Sian A.
Hi! My name is Eleora-Sian and I recently moved to Brooklyn from St. Paul, Minnesota. As far back as I can remember, there has always been a dog in my home. Over the years my family has cared for five great pups. Different breeds, different ages, etc., each one with their own unique personality. Although my professional passion is writing (fiction, short and long form), hanging out with and caring for animals has always been a personal passion of mine. Looking forward to meeting you and your pup!

Mariana G.
Hello!! My name is Mariana and I’m studying to become a veterinarian, it’s been my dream job since before I even completely knew what it meant to be a veterinarian/animal lover, I’ve had pets (dogs) around me since before I was even born and can’t think of a time in my whole life when I haven’t had one around me. I love meeting new dogs and I would love to keep your pet healthy, fit, but more importantly, having fun and being happy!! Our pets are our family, they’re constantly showering us with love, I wish I can give them some of that love back through our lovely walks!

Zachary D.
I have been taking care of animals for almost 20 years. I've taken care of a variety of animals ranging from your typical household pets, not as typical household pets, as well as farm and barn animals. I have experience with almost every breed of dog with walking and general care

Faizal B.
Hi! My name is Faizal. I recently graduated from doing an MA in Clinical Psychology and will be pursuing a PhD in Fall 2018. In addition to walking dogs I teach yoga. I am a proud dog dad to a gorgeous 9-year-old Labrador mix named Joey. He is the sweetest! While I love all dogs and am happy to walk any, I am especially good with energetic large breeds.

Michael D.
Hey there! I’m Michael. I am a recent high school grad and waiting to go to college in the fall. I am excited about my position at Swifto because I simply enjoy all dogs. I love their honest and pure energy. My motto is “a happy dog is a tired dog”. When I walk dogs I try to walk quickly so they get proper exercise. But I do read the dog first to see what they need. If they have low energy we’ll take it easy. If they are high energy we’ll speed it up.Our family dog Kathy, an Anatolian shepherd, is extremely loyal and smart. She loves to play rope the most. I also spent many hours volunteering at the “new beginnings animal rescue” so I have experience with dogs who require that extra special touch. I can’t wait to meet your pooch and make her/him part of my pack.