How Many Walks does Your Dog Need a Day?


The million dollar question: how many dog walks does your dog need a day and for how long? Some people walk their dog three times a day while others walk their dog at least five times a day. So, what's the correct answer? Well, it depends on the dog – his or her breed, age and weight.

How many times a day?

Dogs should be walked at least three times a day. If they could get two long dog walks a day (for at least an hour), they would probably be very happy.

Which dogs need to be walked more than three times a day? Some dogs need more than 3 dog walks a day: Energetic dogs like Boxers and Golden Retrievers need four to five dog walks a day so they can burn off all that energy they have. Puppies need to be walked five or six times a day so they'll have a chance to do their business properly. 

How long does my dog need to be walked?

Most dogs need half-hour to one hour walks. Less energetic breeds like French Bulldogs and Poodles will be happy with one to two hours of exercise a day and small dogs like Chihuahuas and Yorkshires will do fine with less than two hours of exercise a day.

And what about puppies? As we mentioned before, puppies need more walks a day, but they can get tired pretty quick. Pet experts suggest that puppy owners should add five minutes to every walk for each month of the puppie's age (so a three month old puppy will need at least 15 minutes of walking time).


When you're not sure what's best for your dog or when your dog is a bit overweight ask your vet how much exercise he or she needs. Remember that it's ok if your dog gets tired during the dog walk: a tired dog usually means a happy dog.