Temporary suspension of walks

Due to the outbreak we have decided to suspend service at least until Sunday April 5th. We will all be on standby carefully watching the news waiting for this to be contained and get back to walking your best friends! Stay safe everyone and wash your paws!

Swifto's Insurance

While we hope everything goes well on our dog walks, we understand accidents can happen. We’re prepared for any surprises by providing our walkers with comprehensive dog walking insurance.

All Swifto dog walkers are covered by insurance. This insurance covers any accidents that may occur when your dog is in our care. It's another way Swifto ensures your comfort. We'll take care of your dog, no matter what. 

What exactly does our dog walking insurance cover?

dog walker

Dog Bite

If your dog bites or injures another person while on the walk.

dog walker

Veterinary Care

If there is an accident on the walk and your dog needs veterinary care.

dog walker

Property Damage

If your property is damaged in any way as a result of our service or your dog.

dog walker

Lost Key

If a Swifto dog walker loses your key, our insurance will pay for new locks.