How does Swifto's two hour time window work?

Swifto's dog walkers have busy and varying schedules, making it difficult to guarantee exact times. Swifto's two hour time window ensures that our dog walkers have enough flexibility in order to be on time to walk your dog, while also accounting for delays on public transit, finding an apartment, delays with a doorman, etc. It also gives our office some flexibility in the event of last minute covers or additional walks.


For example: your dog walk will begin anytime during the guaranteed, two-hour time frame. If your walk is scheduled between 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM, that means your walk can begin at any time between those two time frames. Your dog walker will be more than happy to try and accommodate special time requests, especially if it involves puppy potty training, medication etc,. but our commitment to you is to ensure that the walk actually begins within the time window. A two-hour time frame is an industry standard with dog walking. Dog walking companies that guarantee exact times aren't realistic. By providing a broader time frame, we're able to guarantee that the walks will in fact start in the time provided.

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