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The two hour time window and how it all works

How does the two hour window work?
Your dog's walk will begin anytime during the guaranteed, two hour time frame. If your walk is scheduled between 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM, that means your dog’s walk can begin at any time between those two time frames. Just note that it won’t necessarily end within that time window, and the dog walker could begin their 20 minute walk for your dog at 2:50 PM meaning the walk will not end until...
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What are the three main types of dog walks Swifto offers?

We know the different types of dog walks can sometimes be confusing so allow us the chance to clarify things! Swifto provides 3 main types of GPS-tracked dog walks: repeating, sporadic, and last minute walks.
Repeating walks are when you have the same schedule every week. For example, 20 minute walks starting between 1-3 pm, every Monday through Friday.  We provide consistent walkers for a consistent schedule...
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Did you know we can take your dog to the park?

Dog parks are a perfect opportunity for some dogs to get in exercise, socialize, and enjoy the great outdoors with their favorite dog walker! Swifto understands dogs have personalities of their own, just like us, so a dog park might not be right for everyone, but if you think your pet’s play styles, personality, and training are ready for some off-leash fun, Swifto is happy to oblige! 

If you want your dog to go to the park...

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What is extended dog sitting and when can it be used?


We have received many questions about Swifto’s dog sitting service so we’d like to explain a bit more about what it is and how it works! 
Extended dog sitting is one of the many services Swifto offers and is when the dog sitter will be with your dog for the entire duration of the visit, whether this be for 2 hours or 5 hours! Dog sitting is different from overnight stays, which is when the...
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Will I get the same dog walker every time?

We often get asked the question, “will I have the same dog walker every time?” so we’d like to explain a bit more about this and how it works!

We totally understand the bond between a dog walker and a dog, and so in general we always like to keep it as consistent as possible between the dog’s and their walkers.


Consistent Schedule

If you have a consistent schedule, you’ll be...

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If I only want a meet and greet, why do I need to schedule walks?

We often get asked, “why do I need to schedule walks if I only want a meet and greet?” so we’d love to explain a bit more about this! 
In short, we want to make sure the walker we send for the meet and greet will actually be available for the dog walks needed. In addition, there is no charge unless everything goes well during the meet and greet. So, you are not charged ahead of time for putting the walks in the system.
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Last Minute Dog Walks and How They Work

Definitions of what is considered to be “last minute” vary from person to person! We will have some clients who may reach out to us a month in advance to schedule dog walks and apologize that it is last minute (which it is not!) and others who may reach out an hour or two before a dog walk is needed to see if someone is available to walk their dog (which we are always more than happy to try and arrange :-)). 
A last minute walk at...
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Dog Friendly Pumpkin Patches | NYC

1. Elwood Pumpkin Farm | 1500 E Jericho Turnpike, Huntington, NY 11743

They are Long Islands most western pumpkin farm. Unlike most other farms in the area, their pumpkins are grown in their fields. You are invited to...
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Picking the Right Toy for your Dog

Picking the Right Toy for your Dog


Toys keep our dogs happy and active throughout the day and are great bonding tools when it’s play time. For dogs, playing and chewing are an innate and natural behavior so it’s essential to have a few different options on hand for your dog. Plus, every dog will have their personal preference and favorites.

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7 Signs your Dog Loves You

Did you ask your dog to be your Valentine? If so, you may be wondering if the feeling is truly reciprocated! Well, dogs have a lot of ways to show they care, although they might be slightly different from humans in showing their affection! If you are wondering if your doggie truly loves you, keep reading for the tell tale signs! 


1. They get excited when you come home

A good indication that your dog loves you is how they react when you come home after being away for a while. Does their tail start wagging uncontrollably? Do they start...

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