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Your Dog On Your Wedding Day

wedding day

   It’s a day of celebration and all of your friends and family members will be there. But don’t forget about that special someone who has always been there for you! What do you do with your dog on your wedding day? There is variation from couple to couple, and every situation will be unique. You will have to consider if you want your dog at the ceremony and/or reception, and who will be in charge of your dog during these times. Is the venue outside...

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Walking Your Dog In The Rain


   Walking in the rain can be uncomfortable for both you and your dog. You’re cold, your shoes are water-logged, and you have to avoid walking next to the road if you don’t want to get splashed. Most breeds don’t enjoy walking through puddles and getting dripped on. Even water-loving dogs such as Labradors can find it unpleasant, especially if rainy weather is paired with wind or low temperatures. This can also cause a problem if you need your dog to potty...

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Walking A Deaf Dog


   Walking a dog with a hearing impediment requires extra attention to ensure that the dog will stay safe and helps avoid confusion. A little bit of extra caution and enthusiasm can go a long way when a dog can’t properly hear you or his or her surroundings.

   Many owners rely on verbal commands and tones to let a dog know what to do. Clearly, this poses a problem for deaf dogs. When you can communicate with your dog, a new door is opened and the bond...

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Getting Your Dog Used To Your New Home After Moving

moving discomfort

People move for various reasons and at many points in their lives. It can be a stressful, unique time that involves quite a bit of change. Now, consider this whole experience from your dog’s point of view. You packed up all of your dog’s belongings, all of your own belongings, and moved to a place that no longer smells like you. Your dog has no clue where you both ended up or why you are there. It smells different, and nothing is where it’s...

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Getting Your Dog Comfortable Around Children


Many people recognize the similarities between children and dogs. They are both bundles of energy and love, and can learn all kinds of new things. It may come as a surprise, but some dogs don’t particularly enjoy being around children. This can stem from a negative experience with a child or from the noisy, energetic nature of kids. Sometimes it can be a very serious issue if your dog becomes aggressive or if you have children living in the same place...

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How Fast Should I Walk My Dog?

walk speed

You may wonder how fast you should walk your dog for him or her to get the most out of a walk. Walks provide a healthy energy outlet, keep your dog’s muscles and circulatory system working correctly, and will stop your dog from packing on the pounds. A dog who does not get enough daily exercise through walks can resort to other activities such as chewing, barking, or rushing around your home. It also helps to have a goal in mind that can play a deciding...

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Potty Training An Adult Dog

adult potty training

   Many dogs need to be housetrained well after their puppy months. If you move from a house to an apartment, your dog will not know exactly where to go since the usual outdoor location is no longer around. Sometimes after being fixed as an adult, a dog may have to go more frequently, and it is your duty to be around to let him or her out as often as needed. Adopted dogs from shelters and humane societies are rarely potty trained, and need...

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Dog-Proofing Your Home

dog proofing

Whether you are moving into a new place, just got a new dog, or decided to make some changes to ensure your dog’s safety, you are probably wondering where to even start. It seems like once you start thinking about all the dangers your dog could face that suddenly your entire home is filled with hazards. You want to be a responsible pet parent, and you are taking steps in the right direction.

Humans mostly rely on their eyes and hands to see...

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Owning A Dog In A Small Apartment

small apartment

It can be a daunting task owning a dog in a bustling, cramped city like New York, but it is certainly not impossible. Walking around the city can lead to many encounters with dogs of all shapes and sizes. Certainly not all of these dogs live in sprawling mansions with football fields to run around on! Many New Yorkers live in tiny apartments or other small spaces comfortably with their canine companions. While you may not have the luxury of...

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