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Raising a Guard Dog

While some breeds have been bred to be predisposed to be excellent guard dogs, the temperament of any individual dog is the most important thing to consider. An ideal guard dog will not react to strangers with fear. Training a nervous dog to protect their family when they feel threatened is like loading a gun and...

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Is Your Dog Walker Doing a Good Job?

Sometimes it’s obvious when your dog loves their walker, an owner will get the pleasure of seeing them together and having a grand time. Other times it’s hard to say if your dog walker is doing a great job. Here’s a checklist to help decide whether your dog walker is living up to their full potential:

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Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are an all American dog. Time Magazine has reported Goldens as America’s number four dog in 2012. Maybe it’s their brown eyes, how well they get along with everyone in puppy class, maybe it’s that they're good with kids, Golden Retrievers are “the dog next door.” They were originally bred to assist...

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When Your Dog Barks at Strangers

If you’re a dog owner wondering why your adorable pet is barking at other people and dogs, instead of living up to their potential of the belle of the dog park, read on for exclusive Swifto tips to nurture your stranger-shy dog.


Every owner’s...

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Can your dog do this?!

Top 6 Ridiculous Dog Tricks

Skateboarding dog

Written by Emily W.


Tired of the simple “sit,” “stay,” and “shake” commands? So did the owners of these next dogs. Every pet owner knows that their dog is unique, but one way to let the world know it is to teach him or her a fun...
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Lonesome Dog?

10 Tips to Bury Boredom

Yawning Dog

Written by Dylan K.

Dogs get bored. Hey, do you blame them? Many of them sit around the house all day every day with no one to keep them company. I can't even sit around the house alone for one twenty-four hour stretch without at least veggin' out on...
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Doggy Tinder: Sniff Left or Sniff Right

The Answers To Why Dogs Smell Butts.

Doggie Tinder

Written by Dylan K.

"Why hello, nice to meet you" translated into dog language is pretty much done via nose to rear-end. Pretty strange custom right? I mean if you met someone new of the human-kind and the first thing they...
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No Spring in 2015?

8 Great Ways to Cool Down the Dog Days of Summer!

Tired Dog

Written by Dylan K.

Its going to get hot out there real hot. NYC already had 85+ degree weather in May! So we put together 8 great ways to cool down your best friend:
Doggy Froyo from...
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Drop it!

Are You Buying Your Dog Worse Treats Than Sidewalk Scraps?


Dog eating glasses

Written by Dylan K.


Are you buying your dog paleo diet organic gluten free chow? Are all of their chew toys BPA free? Have you had them tested for food allergies?

These things might sound ridiculous to some, but its become...

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