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10 Ways To Get Your Dog's Beach Body Ready For Summer

Yoga Dog

Written by Dylan K.

Obviously your pooch has no interest in six-pack abs, but its been a long drawn out winter. It's likely walks and park time have been kept brief for the past few months. Now that the sun has returned, here are ten fun ways to exercise your dog.

Beyond the Ball.
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Tips for walking your dog in New York City

Dense foot traffic, sidewalk liter, and a myriad of canine distractions can make walking your dog in New York City a hairy proposition. So, we’ve come up with a few tips to help a dog and its human run these streets.

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Thanksgiving Dinner- Things your dog shouldn't eat



When the big day arrives, predictably, your pup will want to share in your human bounty. Just as predictably, someone at the table will buckle under her pleading puppy dog stare. Plan a head for the inevitable moment of weakness. Here’s a primer on what your dog can and cannot have off the dinner table, so as to save your veterinarian a holiday trip into the office.


Things NOT to feed the...

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Yorkshire Terriers





Yorkies look like a sassy hunting terrier crossed with a teddy bear, and that’s essentially what they are. As a companion, they’re extremely devoted and have a tendency to play favorites. A Yorkie can be one of the gentlest,...

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Manhattan Dog Walking Tips For a Busy Owner

Manhattan Dog Walking Tips For a Busy Owner


Here at Swifto we feel that everyone deserves to own a dog, even the busiest people out there. Obviously, using Swifto Dog Walkers is a great way to make sure your dog gets all the attention they need and you get to make all your...

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AKA “Dwarf Spitz” and “Pom Pom”



Pomeranians have been voted both man and purse’s best friend by some owners. While this dog is a companion dog, and would never say no to some time...
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Training Your New Puppy


Puppy Training For Beginners


There are many schools of thought about how to train a new puppy. Most trainers agree that owners should begin training their dog as soon as they become comfortable in their new home. Trainers also agree that unacceptable behavior arises from problems socializing with their...
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Do Dogs Get Depressed?


Even though when most people hear the word “dog” they think of a happy, furry, playmate; depression in dogs has been an accepted veterinary fact since around 2002. All owners have noticed that their dog’s level of energy drops as they transition from puppy to full fledged dog, but a sharp decline in a dog’s energy is one sign of...
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How To Tell When Your Dog Needs a Walk

Reading Your Dog's Needs



dog holding leash
Humans take words for granted. If any of us need to take a break at the office or at home we can simply say “I need to stretch my legs for a few minutes.” Unfortunately, dogs don’t have the same luxury. Here are a few tips to help you know when your dog needs to be walked:
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