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Tips for Introducing Your Dog to Children

Getting your dog comfortable around children

Dogs and children can both be bundles of energy and love, and they can learn all kinds of new things. However, some dogs may not enjoy being around children due to past negative experiences or the noisy, energetic nature of kids. This can become a serious issue if your dog becomes anxious or aggressive. To ensure smooth interactions, it's important to plan ahead and work with your dog to avoid any negative reactions...

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How Fast Should You Walk Your Dog?

How fast should I walk my dog?

Walking your dog is essential for maintaining their physical and mental health. The pace and duration of your walks can significantly impact the benefits your dog receives. Here’s how to determine the optimal walking speed and style for your furry friend.

Considerations for Walking Speed

Walks provide a healthy energy outlet, keep your dog’s muscles and circulatory system working correctly, and help...

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Potty Training An Adult Dog

Potty training an adult dog

   Many dogs need to be housetrained well after their puppy months. If you move from a house to an apartment, your dog will not know exactly where to go since the usual outdoor location is no longer around. Sometimes after being fixed as an adult, a dog may have to go more frequently, and it is your duty to be around to let him or her out as often as needed. Adopted dogs from shelters and humane societies are rarely potty trained, and...

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Dog-Proofing Your Home

Dog-Proofing Your Home

Whether you are moving into a new place, just got a new dog, or decided to make some changes to ensure your dog’s safety, you are probably wondering where to even start. It seems like once you start thinking about all the dangers your dog could face that suddenly your entire home is filled with hazards. You want to be a responsible pet parent, and you are taking steps in the right direction.

Humans mostly rely on their eyes and hands...

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Owning A Dog In A Small Apartment

It can be a daunting task owning a dog in a bustling, cramped city like New York, but it is certainly not impossible. Walking around the city can lead to many encounters with dogs of all shapes and sizes. Certainly not all of these dogs live in sprawling mansions with football fields to run around on! Many New Yorkers live in tiny apartments or other small spaces comfortably with their canine companions. While you may not have the luxury of space, you can still keep...

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Translating Dog Barks

Translating dog barks

   Just as humans need to vocally communicate with one another, dogs have their own system of communication. You probably know that dogs bark for a reason, but do you really know what each sound means? Not all dogs communicate the same way and it can vary from breed to breed, however the list below will provide some guidelines to help you decipher your dog’s message when he or she barks. It is also important to be aware of a dog’s body...

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When Your Dog Doesn't Like To Go To The Vet


When your dog doesn't like to go to the vet

   Somehow they always know. Even if you avoid the V-E-T word and pretend to be taking a trip to the dog park, somehow they always manage to figure out this trip is going to be awful. It may seem silly that your dog is afraid of going to the vet, but people certainly don’t rejoice in going to the doctor. Think of going to the doctor’s office as a child. You are in an unfamiliar...

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Walking A Dog At Night

Walking a dog at night


   As the days get shorter and night falls earlier, it has become almost impossible to avoid a walk in the dark. There are several things you can do to make walking your dog at night much safer for everyone involved. >Before heading out the door, make sure your dog has his ID tags on and you have his leash securely...

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How To Tell If Your Dog Is Cold

How to tell if your dog is cold

When we think of our dogs, one of the first things that comes to mind is their fur. Our warm, furry friends leave sprinkles of love behind that cover our clothing and floor, reminding us that our beloved pets are never far away. We credit that wonderful fur with keeping our dogs warm, but even fur does not make a dog immune to the cold. Yes, even our warm friends can feel the cold and it is our job...

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Human Foods That Are Good For Dogs

Human foods that are good for dogs

   While some of the foods we eat are not safe for our dogs (such as chocolate, grapes, and onions), there are plenty of foods that can be used as healthy treats. The ones listed below are generally safe for dogs to consume. However, existing health problems, food allergies, and dietary problems can play a factor in whether or not a food is safe for your dog. If you have specific concerns, it is always best to consult...

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