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When Your Dog is a "Street Snacker"


For a dog, our leftovers, wrappers, trash, dropped objects, food scraps, etc is puppy paradise. Imagine walking into a room full of every fancy dessert imaginable and not being allowed to go near any of it? Exactly… it’s just not possible. Now, apply this same framework to better understand how your dog feels when denied something he...

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Sharing Custody Of A Dog

Recent break ups or divorces usually entail selling and splitting the house, furniture, or all the other items that you once shared. Material items come and go and are pretty easy to split… but what happens to your dog? You can’t imagine life without your dog, as you and your kids have come to love him and he is dubbed the other child of the...

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Teaching Your Dog Tricks

Tricks are equal parts useful, important, and cute. At the end of the day, dog tricks are pretty similar to learning a sport or playing the piano, as they’re both learned mental and physical skills. Simple obedience commands are similar to tricks and both benefit you and your dog in a plethora of ways. Both should be taught precisely...

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How A Dog's Memory Works

Having your dog happily greet you everyday is one of the many reasons why we love dogs so much. Your dog’s ability to remember you as their best friend and owner is why he greets you with such excitement. Aside from remembering who we are, do our dogs remember short-term things? Do they remember the treats...

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Crating Your Dog


The practice of crating is a bipartisan debate in the dog world. Some defend crating while some strongly argue against it. The truth is, if done correctly and safely, crating your dog is beneficial and shouldn’t be looked down upon. Crates have the potential for misuse, which is why...

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To Sniff or Not To Sniff



Sniffing and smelling is our dogs’ primary mechanism for processing new information and observing the environment. Part of what makes dogs so incredible is their heightened sense of smell and ability to remember and...

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Swifto's Training Process


Swifto’s hiring process is rigid and taken very seriously. The 1% of hired applicants are expected to uphold the values and duties that a Swifto dog walker entails. We pride ourselves on our high quality care, reliability, and qualified and professional employees. To instill this message, our walkers undergo a four-step training process. During this training period, we work alongside walkers to give them the necessary skills they need in order to be a successful and stellar dog walker.

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Getting Your Dog To Poop on Concrete

Living in the city means there isn’t always grass available. If you just moved in from the suburbs, this can be a challenging transition for not only you…but also you dog. It’s common for dogs to feel uncomfortable when they are asked to go to the bathroom in a place they aren’t used to. This often happens...

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How To Keep Your Dog Clean

The constant chore of cleaning your dog is something that us dog owners know all too well. The only thing we think about when our dogs play outside, besides how cute they look, is how you’re going to get your dog in the tub. Keeping your dog’s hygiene and cleanliness in check is very important for overall...

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Dog Attire For Every Type of Weather






It’s difficult enough as it is for us to maintain our wardrobes. Weather is unpredictable and sometimes inaccurate based on what we hear on television or read on our smart phones. We go from freezing in the morning, to leaving work...

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