Four additional key differentiators of Swifto Dog Walking Services

When considering Swifto for your dog walking needs, there are various factors to take into account. Pricing, availability, reliability, policies, and more contribute to determining why Swifto is the best option for you and your dog! Besides our main benefits of GPS-tracked dog walking, only providing private dog walks, and providing service from early morning to late night, every day of the year, we also have several other qualities that set us apart from other local dog walking services. Here are four additional key differentiators that set Swifto above and beyond any other option:
  1. Guaranteed coverage (with proper notice) and guaranteed backup coverage: At Swifto, we proudly guarantee that as long as we have at least 5 business hours notice for a dog walk, we will have coverage for that dog walk. We also guarantee a backup dog walker in the case of an emergency or illness or vacation for your regular dog walker.
  2. No extra charges: Swifto does not charge extra for dog walks on holidays or weekends. We also do not charge extra for late-night, early morning, or last-minute dog walks, feedings, or medications. The price you pay for a dog walk includes everything you and your dog need!
  3. Swifto dog walkers are employees and not contractors: Swifto is a dog walking job and our dog walkers are relying on it for their main or secondary source of income. This ensures that the dog walkers we hire are very serious about their dog walking job, and know to prioritize it over other responsibilities or commitments they may have.  Plus, as a W2 employee, our dog walkers receive benefits like 401k, health benefits, and more! They are also covered by various employment laws, unlike contractors. With W2 employees, there is less turnover as they have a steady source of income. Additionally, there is a reduction in call-outs and no-shows as W2 employees are more dedicated and committed to their roles. 
  4. Loyalty program: Swifto offers a great loyalty program. For every dog walk scheduled, you earn points that can be accumulated and redeemed for free dog walks. You can see a breakdown of how points are earned and can be redeemed here.
Here at Swifto, we understand how crucial the decision is when choosing a dog walker for you and your furry friend. We are dedicated to ensuring that our clients have complete confidence in the excellent care their pets receive while in our care. From guaranteed coverage and backup support to transparent pricing without hidden fees, we prioritize your peace of mind and your pet’s well-being. When choosing Swifto, you can trust that your pet’s happiness and safety are our utmost priority as we consistently go above and beyond to deliver exceptional service that distinguishes us from the rest.