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Volunteering at Animal Shelters


Shelters would not be able to help homeless animals if it weren’t for volunteers. Volunteers are the backbone of any shelter since they provide helping hands in many different areas. From training, to walking, to feeding, to office work, to driving, to running adoption events, shelters would not be able to run without caring volunteers. If you are interested in...

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Fostering A Dog When You Already Have A Dog


Fostering a dog can be a wonderful experience since you get to play a significant part in getting a pet to his or her forever home. These dogs come from all sorts of backgrounds and might require extra love and attention because of their pasts. Since you have a deep love for dogs, you already have a dog and realize this might make fostering a bit different in your situation. How can you...

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Taking Your Dog On A Plane

Traveling is a huge part of our lives, and getting there is only part of the adventure. Air planes have undeniably made our lives easier, bringing us closer to the world outside of our apartment. Millions of people every year pack their bags and their best friends for air travel. The information in this article can help you decide if flying with your dog is a realistic option...

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Making Your Dog A Service Dog

Making your dog a service dog


Millions of people across the United States have their dogs with them at all times. Going to the movies, riding public transportation, eating out, and shopping, all includes one hand on a leash. There is more than meets the eye in these situations. Many people...

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Introducing Your New Cat To Your Dog


Your house is about to get a little fuller! Congratulations on deciding to bring a cat into your life. This is going to be an exciting time for everyone involved, including your dog...

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Your Dog On Your Wedding Day

   It’s a day of celebration and all of your friends and family members will be there. But don’t forget about that special someone who has always been there for you! What do you do with your dog on your wedding day? There is variation from couple to couple, and every situation will be unique. You will have to consider if you want your dog at the ceremony and/or reception, and who will be in charge of your dog during these times. Is the venue outside or inside?...

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Walking Your Dog In The Rain

Walking your dog in the rain

   Walking in the rain can be uncomfortable for both you and your dog. You’re cold, your shoes are water-logged, and you have to avoid walking next to the road if you don’t want to get splashed. Most breeds don’t enjoy walking through puddles and getting dripped on. Even water-loving dogs such as Labradors can find it unpleasant,...

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Walking A Deaf Dog

Walking a deaf dog

   Walking a dog with a hearing impediment requires extra attention to ensure that the dog will stay safe and helps avoid confusion. A little bit of extra caution and enthusiasm can go a long way when a dog can’t properly hear you or his or her surroundings.

   Many owners rely on verbal commands and tones to let a dog know what to do. Clearly, this poses a...

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Getting Your Dog Used To Your New Home After Moving

Getting your dog used to your new home after moving

People move for various reasons and at many points in their lives. It can be a stressful, unique time that involves quite a bit of change. Now, consider this whole experience from your dog’s point of view. You packed up all of your dog’s belongings, all of your own belongings, and moved to a place that no longer smells like you. Your dog has no clue where you both ended up or why you are there. It smells...

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Getting Your Dog Comfortable Around Children

Getting your dog comfortable around children

Many people recognize the similarities between children and dogs. They are both bundles of energy and love, and can learn all kinds of new things. It may come as a surprise, but some dogs don’t particularly enjoy being around children. This can stem from a negative experience with a child or from the noisy, energetic nature of kids. Sometimes it can be a very serious issue if your dog becomes aggressive or if you have...

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