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How Much Food and Water Should your Dog Eat and Drink a Day?

There are some generally agreed upon guidelines on how much food and water a dog should get per day. These figures are based on recommendations provided by veterinarians and the American Kennel Club and are based on your dog’s weight. Paying attention to the amount of food and water your dog eats a day improves the quality of your care for your dog. If a dog owner notices their dog is drinking an above average amount of water they may get their dog...

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Animals Who Adapt Well to Living With Dogs

When considering a second pet for your home, it’s best match a new friend with your dog’s breed and temperament. Even though breed doesn’t necessarily dictate behavior, there are some fun animal facts to consider before buying a second pet. Also, be sure to research whether owning the pet you’re thinking of is legal where you live. Certain states have made owning pets like hedgehogs and ferrets illegal.

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Puppy Proofing Your Home

Making your home puppy-proof:Put away floor plants, decorations, shoes, and clothing. Puppies often chew on or root around in things on floors. Removing these items ensures your puppy won’t learn bad habits.Secure tablecloths, runners, or other hanging material. One curious pull can bring curtains or a table setting down on your puppy and the floor. Make sure curtains are secure and tape or tack down any... Read More

Dog Running

Dog running in New York-- It’s more simple than you think:

A lot of people who don’t live in New York, or weren’t born in New York, are shocked when I tell them I have a great, relaxing time when I hit the pavement here. I’m here to tell you that following a safe regimen and getting that dog running will greatly improve the way you both handle the hubbub of NYC. Running releases endorphins, which makes everyone happy, and keeps your body in great condition.

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About Swifto Dog Walking

Swifto is a technologically innovative dog walking company based in New York City. The original pioneers of GPS-tracked dog walking, that integrate mobile technology to provide clients with the cleanest interface and most hassle-free experience. Our goal is simple: To bring dog walking to the 21st century while...

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Why does my dog bark?

When you're walking your dog and he or she barks constantly, it can be annoying and disturb your job as a dog walker. You might want to talk about it with the dog owner (or he might come to you first and ask for your advice) and think together about the best suitable way to stop the barking for your dog.

The first thing to do: understand why your dog barks

Dogs bark when they want to tell you something...

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Is your dog walking you?

Is your dog pulling on her leash and you really wish she would stop doing that? If you're a dog owner or a dog walker, here are a few tips that will help you teach your dog not to pull on her leash.

First of all, it's important not to get upset. A dog that is pulling on her leash might simply be energetic or curious. So, especially if you're the dog walker and not her owner don't get angry or punish her...

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How Many Walks does Your Dog Need a Day?


The million dollar question: how many dog walks does your dog need a day and for how long? Some people walk their dog three times a day while others walk their dog at least five times a day. So, what's the correct answer? Well, it depends on the dog – his or her breed, age and weight.

How many times a day?

Dogs should be walked at least three times a day. If they could get two long dog walks a day (...

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