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Which Dog is Right For You?

Dogs are truly incredible animals. They enrich our lives with loyal companionship, a plethora of health benefits, and unconditional love. I can undoubtedly say that owning a dog has benefited my life in every way possible. A life without Lola’s adorable and fluffy face waking me up every morning or astounding excitement and happiness...

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10 Tips For Socializing Your Dog

Dogs are naturally sociable pack animals, but a dog who’s nervous or even stand-offish around other dogs isn’t a bad dog. They’re probably just not used to being around a large number of dogs or have doubts about their role in a specific situation. Training a dog to be relaxed and confident in social situations is easiest when your dog is a puppy. Swifto has compiled some quick tips that will help a...

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Raising a Guard Dog

While some breeds have been bred to be predisposed to be excellent guard dogs, the temperament of any individual dog is the most important thing to consider. An ideal guard dog will not react to strangers with fear. Training a nervous dog to protect their family when they feel threatened is like loading a gun and firing it often and randomly. Great guard dogs are confident and only attack in dangerous, unique situations. Growling and...

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Is Your Dog Walker Doing a Good Job?

Sometimes it’s obvious when your dog loves their walker, an owner will get the pleasure of seeing them together and having a grand time. Other times it’s hard to say if your dog walker is doing a great job. Here’s a checklist to help decide whether your dog walker is living up to their full potential:


         •       Is your dog relaxed, possibly laying on the...

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When Your Dog Barks at Strangers

If you’re a dog owner wondering why your adorable pet is barking at other people and dogs, instead of living up to their potential of the belle of the dog park, read on for exclusive Swifto tips to nurture your stranger-shy dog.


Every owner’s first hurdle is to understand why their dog happens to be barking at strangers. There are...

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Thanksgiving Dinner- Things your dog shouldn't eat



When the big day arrives, predictably, your pup will want to share in your human bounty. Just as predictably, someone at the table will buckle under her pleading puppy dog stare. Plan a head for the inevitable moment of weakness. Here’s a primer on what your dog can and cannot have off the dinner table, so as to save your veterinarian a holiday trip into the office.


Things NOT to feed the...

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Training Your New Puppy


Puppy Training For Beginners


There are many schools of thought about how to train a new puppy. Most trainers agree that owners should begin training their dog as soon as they become comfortable in their new home. Trainers also agree that unacceptable behavior arises from problems socializing with their owners and other dogs. This doesn’t mean you and your dog aren’t getting along, poor socialization is often dog-speak...
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Do Dogs Get Depressed?


Even though when most people hear the word “dog” they think of a happy, furry, playmate; depression in dogs has been an accepted veterinary fact since around 2002. All owners have noticed that their dog’s level of energy drops as they transition from puppy to full fledged dog, but a sharp decline in a dog’s energy is one sign of depression in a dog. Other signs of dog depression are a decline in appetite and increasing...
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How To Tell When Your Dog Needs a Walk

Reading Your Dog's Needs



dog holding leash
Humans take words for granted. If any of us need to take a break at the office or at home we can simply say, “I need to stretch my legs for a few minutes.” Unfortunately, dogs don’t have the same luxury. Here are a few tips to help you know when your dog needs to be walked:
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A Guide to Dog Emotions



Understanding Your Dog 

Since dogs can’t speak, the only way humans can gauge their emotions is by looking at their body language. It’s important to remember that dog body language doesn’t directly correlate to human body language. Swifto has provided a guide to dog emotions sorted by body part.



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