Puppy Walkers


Walking a puppy is different than walking an adult dog. Walking an adult dog can be a “walk in the park”. They are trained, they know the routine, and they are used to dog walks. With a puppy, a simple dog walk can be a bit of a challenge, they are not used to dog walks, they do not have a dog walking routine, and they are still working on training. Here is a list of some differences between walking an adult dog and a puppy.


  • Stamina is High

It can take a lot longer for a puppy to tire out versus an adult dog. Adult dogs or older dogs tend to tire out quickly and it shortens the length of your dog walk. While a puppy is always full of energy, and it can take a lot to tire out a puppy, so dog walks can turn into much longer.


  • Leash Problems

Because puppies are still in training there tend to be a lot of leash problems that can pop up during a walk. They can pull you sideways, pull, resist walking, or tend to get distracted. It is important to try to keep up with leash training, and to not let your dog walk you.


  • Easily Distracted

Puppies are exploring the world around them for the first time, and they can get easily distracted. Something as small as a piece of trash might not bother an adult dog, but a puppy might want to explore. So it can be difficult on a walk if your puppy is easily distracted.


  • Staying Away From Other Dogs

Puppies much like babies need vaccines. So while your puppy is waiting to get the important vaccines they must try to stay away from other dogs, so that they do not get sick.


  • Spaying and Neutering

Before a puppy is spayed or neutered it is also important that they stay away from other dogs unsupervised, you do not want any unplanned pregnancies.


  • Holding it in

Puppies are not fully grown, so they do not have fully grown bladders. So naturally, they will need to relieve themselves more often than an adult dog. It is important to listen to their signals, and take them out whenever they need to go.


  • Basic Commands

It is important to not get frustrated when a puppy does not sit on the first command. Unlike an adult dog, they do not have their commands and training perfected yet, so it is important to be patient with them and keep up the training.


But the best part about walking a puppy is just how adorable they are. No matter how challenging it can get on a dog walk, they always win you back with their sweet looks. And you are sure to make some new friends walking with a puppy, people always want to see and meet them. Spending time with a puppy can be so much fun!


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