10 Reasons your Dog Needs Exercise

10 reasons your dog needs exercise

As dog owners, we want to give our furry friends the best possible lifestyle. Exercise is an extremely important factor in the wellbeing of your dog. Incorporating a daily dog walk into you and your pup’s routine will bring them happiness and better health. Here are ten of the top reasons why your dog needs exercise!


  1. It keeps your dog happy!

Being outside is a huge mood booster for your dog. The fresh air can brighten their day and give them a break from being inside. Also, exercise releases endorphins which improves their mood! Just like humans, dogs are at risk of depression and dog walks outside are a great way to ensure their happiness!


  1. It helps to maintain their weight.

Being overweight leads to a variety of health risks for your Pup. Exercising is a great way to ensure your dog maintains a healthy weight. As dogs get older, it becomes more difficult to maintain their weight. Dog walking will keep them from gaining excess pounds and becoming obese. This will overall prolong their life!


  1. It allows them to socialize.

Dog walks are an opportunity for your dog to socialize with other dogs and people. Being on a leash is a controlled way to interact with other dogs and practice appropriate behavior. Whether they sniff other dogs or simply just see them, it is great practice to have calm behavior around others. It can be a fun opportunity for other people to pet them or for them to make a furry friend!


  1. It builds trust between you and your dog.

Dog walking is a great time for you and your pup to bond! It establishes a deeper relationship between you and your dog. Dog walks are an excellent way to build trust and have extra time together.


  1. Dog walking promotes healthy digestion.

Dog walks can help regulate your dog's digestive system. If your dog is experiencing constipation, dog walking can help them to poop. If your dog spends lots of time indoors, they may be holding in their bowel movements which causes them discomfort. Dog walking is a great time for them to properly digest their food and relieve themselves.


  1. They can get their energy out.

When dogs have pent up energy, they are more likely to be rambunctious and exhibit behavioral issues. Common behaviors like excessive barking, scratching, and chewing occur when your pup has too much energy. Dog walks are a productive way for your dog to release their energy so they are more calm at home!


  1. Dog walking is good for training.

Walking a dog on a leash is a great way to begin training your puppy. Puppies learn obedience and discipline by walking on a leash. You can teach your dog to follow your instructions on a leash, which will help them in other areas of training.


  1. It lowers their chance of health issues.

Dogs are at a higher risk of developing health issues if they are not properly exercising. Overweight dogs are at higher risk for stiff limbs and joints, osteoarthritis, cardiovascular disease, liver disease, and insulin resistance. A dog who exercises has a prolonged lifespan!


  1. It gives them something to look forward to

Having a daily dog walk will add structure into their day and give them something to look forward to. You might catch your dog waiting by the front door, sniffing their leash, and jumping up and down when they hear the word “walk”. Their excitement is sure to make you excited for a dog walk too!


  1. It will make you happier!

To be the best dog owner you can be, you have to take care of yourself too. Dog walking will release endorphins and improve your quality of life just like your pup! You will seek all the health benefits that your dog does on your daily stroll.


Walking your dog will soon be both of your favorite parts of the day! Your dog will be a happier, healthier member of the family when they are exercising regularly. The benefits of daily exercise will brighten both of your lives and strengthen your bond with your furry friend. We hope you found this blog post insightful and helpful!


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By Emily Allen