Your Dog On Your Wedding Day

   It’s a day of celebration and all of your friends and family members will be there. But don’t forget about that special someone who has always been there for you! What do you do with your dog on your wedding day? There is variation from couple to couple, and every situation will be unique. You will have to consider if you want your dog at the ceremony and/or reception, and who will be in charge of your dog during these times. Is the venue outside or inside? What kind of items will you have at the wedding that can be dangerous for your dog to be around? Some people don’t think it’s worth the stress and opt to hire a dog-sitter or board their dog for the day. Below, we have compared the pros and cons of having your dog present on your big day against leaving your dog at home or in someone else’s care. Consider your particular dog’s behavior, your own comfort levels, and other specifics of the day to make the best choice for you and your dog.

Pros of Having Your Dog at the Wedding: We’ve all seen those pictures on the internet of a dog with a bowtie sitting perfectly next to his groom and bride. That pup looks so happy and as if this is the best day of his life, too. It’s a big day for the couple, and you can’t help but miss your dog if he or she isn’t there. It’s the perfect opportunity for pictures you can hold onto for a very long time, even after your dog has passed on. You don’t have to worry about hiring a sitter or having someone you trust stop by to let your dog outside. If you have an outdoor wedding or access to the outdoors, that’s always a bonus. You also don’t have to leave your dog alone and can check on him or her as often as you please. This alleviates quite a bit of stress for both the humans and the dog. If your dog is well trained and can sit, stay, and keep quiet for periods of time, having your dog as a part of your wedding day might be an option for you. Make sure to check with your reservations for both the ceremony and the reception (if they are at separate locations) as some facilities do not allow animals. If you decide to include your dog on the big day, let guests know in case of allergies or discomfort around dogs. Also, it is important to tell the caterer, the photographer, and a wedding planner if you have one. These people can work together to make sure your wedding is pet-friendly and that you and your dog will have a wonderful day.

Cons of Having Your Dog at the Wedding: There will be a lot of people, quite a few of them strangers, and your dog will be overwhelmed even if he or she loves people. It can be loud; it can be scary if your dog doesn’t do well with crowds. You won’t be by your dog’s side the whole time which can make your dog anxious. Someone responsible will have to be in charge of the dog, making sure he or she gets to go outside to potty, gets plenty of water, gets fed, and doesn’t get into trouble. This can be taxing for the person and that person might have to miss out on other wedding activities. In these cases, many couples choose to leave their dogs at home and hire a dog-sitter or enlist the help of a dog walker. This can put your mind at ease that someone responsible will take care of your dog’s needs from the comfort of your home. A wedding can be stressful for both the bride and the groom, and sometimes the added stress of having your dog around is too much to handle. It can also be dangerous for your dog. Certain plants and flowers are poisonous if ingested, and you have to make sure guests don’t feed your dog the rich food from the tables. There is plenty of glass, cutlery, and jewelry that can land on the floor and become a choking or cutting hazard for your dog. Cake and alcohol are usually in abundance and can make their way to dog-level, especially if your dog isn’t being watched closely. Being cooped up inside also poses problems if your dog cannot get outside to potty and feels stressed inside with a lot of people.

   Remember that your decision should be in your dog’s best interest. If you can’t guarantee your dog’s safety, then there are other options available. A wedding can be a magical event that can include your best friend who will be there to support you as he or she always has, but if you feel that it’s for your dog’s best interest to stay home, do note that although it means a lot to you, your dog wouldn’t know what he or she missed out. Congratulations, and we hope your day will be fantastic for you and your pup!

   Whether you decide to leave your pup at home or take him or her with, Swifto will be happy to help. We provide visits of up to four hours with your dog, and will be happy to either hang out with your dog at your home or at your venue. We’re also more than happy to come and provide just the dog walks at either your home or the venue.


By Callie T.