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GPS Tracked Dog Walks

Every dog walk is tracked by our proprietary GPS app. You'll receive text notifications when dog walks start and end, photos of your pup along the way, and maps showing the routes taken by your dog and their dog walker.

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Insured and Bonded

Your dog, keys, property and more are covered by our insurance policy. Learn more about what the insurance covers.

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Private Dog Walks

We offer exclusively private one-on-one dog walks, unless, of course, they're siblings, in which case we would gladly walk them together.

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Consistent Dog Walker

If you have a set schedule you will get the same dog walker every time as well as a complimentary meet and greet. If you have a sporadic schedule we will always give priority to the previous dog walker and try to keep it as consistent as possible for you and your pup!

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Guaranteed Appointments

If you give us at least 5 business hours notice, we guarantee that we'll be able to walk your dog at your preferred time window, every single time. In addition, we will always try to accommodate last minute walk requests too! Plus, if your regular walker falls ill, we've got your back!

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Flexible Scheduling

We never charge extra for holiday, weekend, or late night or morning walks. We walk dogs as early as 6AM and as late as 11PM at no extra cost.

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Over 400,000 dog walks completed!

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See what our clients are saying

Review stars 10/22/2015
I'm super pleased with my experience using Swifto Dog Walking service for my pup. The features I love the most:
- complimentary meet-and-greet with the walker before they start taking your dog out
- really excellent and responsive customer service
- text updates: when the walk starts, ends, when your dog poops (haha!), a summary of the walk from the walker, and a photo of your dog on the walk
- you can watch the path of the walk from their website
- solo walks that really truly are the amount of time you pay for
- an easy-to-use calendar on their website where you can schedule and cancel walks.
I'm glad I picked Swifto and will keep using them. Recommend!
Review stars 7/19/2014
I utterly LOVE swifto and can't recommend it highly enough. They have handled my challenging and constantly changing schedule with ease. Their web interface is amazing. They send you photos and updates all along the walk. Also, they solve the age old dog walker problem and GUARANTEE by trackable GPS that your dog is walked for the amount of time you pay for. I can't recommend them more.
Review stars 4/1/2013
I love Swifto!
My dog walker Ezra is fantastic with my dog, and I love getting updates on her every day - especially the photo of her on the walk, which always makes me smile when I'm at work.
Swifto has also been great in helping to cover in dog walks when I am out of town or running late from work.
I highly recommend them!
Review stars 5/28/2019
Love Swifto! I've been using them for almost a year now and they're super reliable when it comes to taking care of my dog. So easy to get ahold of should any issue arise, and extremely accommodating. Aaron is the best!!
Review stars 8/28/2013
Swifto is truly an amazing service. We've been using them for the past month and a half, and not only are having a great experience with the walker they assigned us, but also the functionality of the online service. It's so great getting a quick text when the walk has started or ended, when our pup has gone to the bathroom, and being able to see where he's been walked with pictures sent to us along the way. He's only 5 months old and we feel bad leaving him during the day, so it gives us peace of mind getting those updates and knowing he's enjoying his walk. Our walker has also always sent us thorough updates after the walk, letting us know how it went, if our pup was tired/energetic/stubborn/etc. Our walker even stopped at Petco to pick up more poop bags for us when we ran out after one of the walks.
Anytime we've had questions, needed to change schedules, etc. the Swifto team has always been so responsive and easy to work with. I can't say enough good things about Swifto, and would only ever use them for dog walking services.
Review stars 8/28/2014
Swifto gets it.
Not only do they show up on time, they text at the beginning and end of the walk, tell you if your pet was fed, did his business and where they went and send photos of the happy pet. With so many bad dog walkers around, it's nice to see a company do it right.

Our Service Area

In NYC: We currently service all of Manhattan, Long Island City and Astoria in Queens, and the northwest half of Brooklyn. Learn more.

New York area

In Miami: We currently service all of Brickell, including zip codes 33129, 33130 and 33131, with more locations coming soon!

Miami area

Our Services

All of our services are offered from 6AM to 11PM daily, even during weekends and holidays!

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GPS Tracking and Text Alerts

icon of a swifto dog walker starting a walk
1. An automatic text message is sent to you when your walk starts!
GPS app route of dog walker
2. Then, you can watch the walk's route live from your cellphone!
GPS app updates and notifications about walk/visits
3. Throughout the walk you'll receive updates about your dog and get poop notifications!
swifto end of dog walk message and text from GPS app
4. At the end of the walk, your walker will send you a text letting you know how the walk went!
swifto dog walker  with picture of a dog sent via email or text
5. You will receive an adorable picture of your dog from their walk, automatically sent via e-mail or text message.
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Available on the web, our mobile friendly website, iOS and Android

Meet a few of our dog walkers

Swifto walkers are carefully hand picked, screened and trained by Swifto. All Swifto dog walkers are highly experienced, background checked, insured & bonded and highly experienced with dogs to bring you the best service possible. In fact, we only hire 1% of our applicants.

Swifto Dog Walkers