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All About Pugs



Pug AKA Carlin dogs and Chinese Pug Dogs


The Pug is a breed shrouded in mystery, and we’re not just saying that because they’re wearing little masks. Pugs are one of the oldest breeds, and it’s generally agreed that they emerged around 400 BC. However, there’s no agreed breed of origin concerning the Pug, and little known about which country the Pug first appeared in. The only thing we do know is that Pugs have been adored by royalty and commoners alike for centuries.


Companion dogs to the core, Pugs are content to veg out all day on their owner’s lap. Don’t indulge in too many lazy days, though. Pugs are prone to breathing and joint disorders, and being overweight can exacerbate these issues--especially in older dogs. If your Pug is more than 20 pounds it might be time to cut back on the kibble. Don’t worry about any moles your Pug has, these are just beauty marks. The Pug’s average life expectancy is about 10-12 years.


The good news is: Pugs are intelligent, adorable, and seem to know what their owners are thinking. The bad news: Pugs are adorable, intelligent, and always looking for a chance to get away with bad behavior. Dog owners must be diligent with Pugs, yet yelling and harsh reprimanding isn’t necessary. Your Pug will have a strong grasp on their emotional state due to a long line of ancestors hanging out with their owners constantly. Dog owners do well to always maintain calm confidence when around their Pugs. Without a strong pack leader they can develop guarding issues, bark constantly, and be aggressive around other dogs. However, if a human is too dominant, Pugs may become skittish. Owners have to walk a fine line around Pugs, but their intelligence and affection more than make up for their possible fussiness.


The Pug is an easy dog to groom, they only shed heavily one season a year. Dog owners should take care to keep the folds on Pugs clean. Also make sure to dry these little dogs off thoroughly after bath time. They have a tendency to get chills and colds.