We know it can be nerve wracking to provide someone with a set of your keys to your home. Making that leap of trust is a big deal, and we take your trust in us incredibly seriously. Therefore security, safety and accountability are of the utmost importance to us, and we have developed a comprehensive policy for storing, labeling, dispatching, and returning our clients' keys with this in mind. Below is an overview of a few of the ways we ensure the safety of your keys.

Key Storage

When you provide Swifto with your keys, they are held either by your regular walker, and/or stored our office where they can only be accessed by a member of the Swifto office team. In the office, we keep all keys in an alphabetized dedicated safe and keep both computerized and analog records, which are updated immediately whenever your keys are accessed or returned. In the rare event of cover walks, your temporary walker will pick your keys up directly from our office and return them to us within 24 hours of their final walk with your dog.

Labeling and Identifying Keys


Every key in Swifto's possession is labeled with a client's first initial, last name, and their unique user ID number. In order to ensure complete security, we never include any information that could be used to identify a client’s full name or address on the key itself. Additionally, in our digital key system, each key is given a unique number for identification and tracking purposes.

Dispatching Keys to Walkers

Walkers obtain keys either directly from the client, or by picking a set up from our office. We have automated systems in place to ensure that any key a walker picks up directly from an owner gets added to our system. Walkers sign every key they receive from the office in and out and are only permitted to pick up a keys for a client with whom they have an imminent walk scheduled. Our Key Master facilitates all key exchanges via the office safe and makes sure the appropriate key is picked up/dropped off and signed in/out accordingly. The Key Master is also personally responsible for the integrity of all digital and analogue key records.

Returning Keys

Owners may choose to request one or all sets of their keys to be returned to them at any time. Because of the sensitive nature of keys, all returns are done through the office. If a key is no longer needed by the office you may:
  • Request that your keys by returned to you via certified mail
  • Request to pick your keys up directly from our office in midtown Manhattan
  • Request that your keys be safely and securely destroyed if they are for an outdated address
If you elect to pick your keys up from the office, simply let us know before you stop by so that we can ensure they are ready when you arrive.