What is it like to be a Dog Walker


Being a dog walker is a very fun and rewarding job, and the Swifto dog walkers are the best out there. A dog walker does a lot throughout the day, every dog has its own needs that the dog walker tends to.


            Being a dog walker means getting to spend your whole day walking around, exploring new areas, and getting to spend time out in nature. Almost all of our dog walkers have a consistent schedule and see the same dogs regularly. This regularity builds a great relationship between the dog and the dog walker.

            Being a dog walker also means spending all day caring for man’s best friend. For every dog, this can mean something different but dog walkers can administer medications, feed your dog, take them on a dog walk, or take them to and from vet appointments.

            Another big part of being a dog walker is practicing training methods. Dog walkers can help practice training methods with your dog while out on dog walks or while at dog parks. If you have already started training your dog at home, a dog walker can continue that training while on the dog walk.

            A dog walker can either spend all day out and about walking different dogs all day or they could spend their day caring for just one dog but for a longer period of time. This all depends on the current dog’s needs. Swifto dog walkers are trained to be able to care for every dog big or small, young or old, no matter the needs.

            Because all Swifto dog walks are private walks, the dog walker can devote their attention 100% to the current dog they are walking. A private dog walk allows a dog and a dog walker more time to interact, play together, and explore during their dog walk.

            Swifto dog walkers are also trained to take care of cats. Part of a walker’s day might consist of visiting a cat, giving them medicine, or spending time with them. Scheduling a cat visit can help your cat be less lonely throughout the day, and get some human interaction.

            Every day for a Swifto walker can bring up new experiences and is different from the past day. Visit www.swifto. To schedule your dog walk or cat visit today!

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 By: Anna Wolfgram Evans