Group Dog Walks vs Individual Dog Walks

Group Dog Walks vs Individual Dog Walks

All dogs love a good walk. They’re fun, scenic, and an exciting adventure. So even though we know our pups enjoy their walks, we don’t actually know whether or not they prefer being walked alone or in groups. One side of you wants your dog to socialize and play with other dogs but the other side wants your dog to get the best walk possible. Let’s look at the benefits of private and group walks.


It’s important to understand your dog’s behavior before deciding whether or not group or individual walks are best. Large group walks are popular in urban areas and allow your dog to socialize with other dogs. On a group walk, fido will appreciate the frequent stops and get a chance to explore his surroundings. In theory, the thought of a bunch of pups hanging out is pretty adorable, but not all dogs may be a fan and they won’t get customized care. They may become overstimulated, anxious, and may not be super friendly, which can pose issues in a group walk. The walker may also face issues in the event that the dogs become too chaotic and out of control. This poses as a safety hazard, as walking several dogs in crowded, urban areas could lead to erratic behavior, tugging and pulling leashes, or the walker’s inability to establish control among the group. 


Individual walks are overall better for dogs, given they receive one-on-one attention and care. They’re also great for dogs that are elderly, not as outgoing, or require special attention. The walker gets to know the dog very well and learns its special needs. The same walker visits each time, which instills a strong feeling of comfort in the dog. The walker delegates most of their time to your dog and can customize the walk according to special needs or requirements. Solo walking allows older dogs to take a relaxing stroll down the street or an introverted dog to socialize when he pleases/ when he’s ready. Individual walks are given by educated and trained professionals that specialize in the dog walking field. This guarantees that your pup will be in the best hands possible while receiving optimal value for your money. 


It’s important to be aware of your dog’s reaction to a style of walking, as their feelings of discomfort and overstimulation may not be explicitly apparent to us at first. It’s okay to be unsure whether you want to book a solo or group dog walk, but it’s a good idea to find a company that provides the type of walk you and your dog are looking for. What matters most is that your dog is safe, having fun, and looked after by a professional. Looking to book a dog walk?