5 Different Types of Dog Walks


            Although every dog walk may seem the same, they actually vary greatly depending on what you are trying to accomplish. Here is a list of five different types of dog walks and how they can benefit your dog.


  1. Socialization Dog Walk

            The first type of dog walk is for socialization, during this type of dog walk the goal would be to meet other dogs. This is a super important type of dog walk because much like humans, dogs need to socialize with other dogs. This could be a dog walk around the neighborhood to meet the next door neighbors, or a doggy play date with their friend.


  1. Brain-Stimulation Dog Walk

            Another type of dog walk is a walk to stimulate their brain. This can be done through sniffing or exploring new areas. This is a super fun type of dog walk for the dog and the owners, get out of your comfort zone and explore a new area. Maybe visit a nearby neighborhood, or a hike through the woods, even  deterring from your regular route will help stimulate your dog’s brain by sniffing new spots.

  1. Fitness Dog Walk

            The next type of dog walk is a vigorous walk for exercise. Much like humans, dogs definitely need their exercise, and one way to do this is to speed up your typical dog walk. Instead of going for a leisurely dog walk, speed things up with a speed walk or light jog.

  1. Dog Park Visit

            Another type of walk is a trip to the dog park. A trip to the dog park is very good for dogs to interact with friends, and run around and play with the local dogs.


  1. Training oriented Dog Walk

            The last type of dog walk is focused on practicing the dog training techniques. This slower dog walk is perfect for practicing training techniques with your dogs, you may walk slower and cover less ground but the training is what is super important in these types of walks.

            No matter what type of dog walk you may be interested in scheduling for your dog, Swifto is here to help. Just schedule a dog walk in the app/website, and let us know in the notes what you want us to put a focus on!

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By: Anna Wolfgram Evans