Puppy Proofing Your Home

Making your home puppy-proof:

  • Put away floor plants, decorations, shoes, and clothing. Puppies often chew on or root around in things on floors. Removing these items ensures your puppy won’t learn bad habits.
  • Secure tablecloths, runners, or other hanging material. One curious pull can bring curtains or a table setting down on your puppy and the floor. Make sure curtains are secure and tape or tack down any hanging decorations in your home.
  • Put away objects on coffee tables, end tables, and low furniture. Puppies explore the world with their paws and mouths. Putting things like potpourri and photos will minimize unwanted puppy exploration. Remember to put things away at mouth level and also tail level. A wagging tail can also knock over knick knacks.
  • Secure phone wires and electric cords. Puppies can chew them and hurt themselves or your wiring. You can tape cords higher on the wall, cover them with rubber, or cover them with PVC tubing.
  • Have children put away toys and any parts or accessories. If the item is smaller than your puppy, it should be put away. Keeping your new puppy safe is a great incentive for kids to clean up after themselves.
  • Protect anything made of wood including table and chair legs. Puppies instinctively know that wood is good for chewing. Use thick plastic sheeting or pvc tubing to hide chair and table legs.
  • Check every nook and cranny for danger items. This includes under and behind furniture and tables or any other dark place a puppy would like to go. Secure cleaning products in a safe place and make sure any medications (even vitamins and headache pills) are stowed away in cabinets.

Making your yard puppy-proof:

  • Clean up the yard. Put away garden hoses, tools, and plastic toys. Look for anything your puppy can fall into or put in his mouth and secure it somewhere safe. Under the kitchen sink or in a cupboard by the door to your yard is safe and convenient.
  • Block access to the pool and other hazardous areas. Fence off any area you don’t want your puppy to be in and make sure he can’t squeeze through the grating. Even puppies from water dog breeds can have serious trouble in pools if they don’t have swimming lessons or know where the steps are.
  • Put away chemicals and potential poisons. This includes lawn fertilizers, insecticides, and paint products. Again, under the kitchen sink or in a cupboard is best.
  • Check fencing for escape routes. Make sure there’s nowhere for your puppy to crawl under. Check for gaps around gates and fence sections and make sure your puppy can’t get his head stuck in them.


Puppy proofing a home is easy, and will make training and cleaning up after your new puppy easy. We here at Swifto want to remind you that you should also buy some fun toys for your puppy, because bringing home a new dog isn’t all about rearranging your life, it’s also about having a lot more fun! The safer and happier a puppy, the happier and more relaxed a new owner will be.


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