Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Absolutely! Have a look at our video testimonials.

As a courtesy to our dog walkers, your schedule is set except for planned holidays and emergencies.

The Swifto GPS Tracking App is used to make sure you know your dog is being walked. When the walk begins, you’ll receive an SMS confirmation. You can then view your dog’s route online from your Swifto Account at During the walk, you’ll receive updates if your dog meets doggie friends, or where he does his business. When the walk ends, you’ll receive another SMS confirmation, including the duration and distance of the walk. We’ll even email a photo of your happy pup back at home!

Swifto currently operates in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens!

When you register with Swifto, you’ll have the option to let us know how the walker will gain access to your apartment:

  • You provide the walker with a set of keys 
  • The key is left with a doorman 
  • You will be home to let them in 
  • You will specify another option 

We also make a second copy of your keys for our offices in case of emergencies.

At Swifto, we believe your dog deserves the utmost care! Our private walks guarantee your dog will receive the attention to meet his specific needs.
No problem! Swifto provides walks at all hours. Please note that while we offer walks 24/7, we schedule all walks during our business hours, Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm.

The Dog Walkers

Yes! We only accept walkers that have legitimate, professional experience in caring for dogs. Our walkers are knowledgeable, passionate and driven.

All of our dog walkers first go through a phone interview where we check to make sure that they meet all our standard requirements: dog care experience, are college educated, and pursue creative arts. Afterwards, we schedule a face to face interview to ensure their love for our furry friends. Then we do an authorized background check on each walker. Lastly, the walkers all attend a three hour training day at our main office. Only after all of these qualifications are met can applicants begin walking for Swifto.

Yes! All of our dog walkers are insured and bonded through Pet Sitters Associates, LLC dog walking insurance program. To find out exactly what the program covers, visit Swifto Insurance.

Absolutely! Swifto’s qualified dog walkers are more than happy to walk all dog breeds.

The Swifto scheduling team matches new clients with walkers based on the following criteria:

  • dog walker’s previous experience with breeds, dog sizes, puppies or elderly dogs
  • dog walker’s availability
  • any owner specifications:
  •  gender
  • personality

We consider all these factors to guarantee that you and your pup are matched with the best possible walker!

Almost all of our dog walkers have previously owned dogs. If they haven’t, they have had extensive experience working with dogs in other situations, such as volunteering at shelters, walking other’s dogs, and working at vet offices or other dog service industries.

A meet and greet is a complimentary 30 minute in-home meeting between you and your walker before any walks begin. We provide this so you can make sure you, and your dog(s), are comfortable with the assigned walker.

Our goal is to always pair your with the same walker. However, there are times when the same walker will not be able to accommodate you:

  • If you are a sporadic client--meaning that you are not able to give us a set walking schedule, but instead contact us when you need a walk. Because our walkers have varying schedules, we cannot guarantee the same walker to sporadic clients
  • If you are a regular client but you have to add a walk that is not in your set walking schedule. Again, because our walkers schedules vary, we cannot guarantee the same walker. 
  • If a walker request some time off or falls ill. In these rare circumstances you will be contacted and a temporary fill-in walker will be assigned to you.

If you share our passion for dogs and think you’d make a great addition to the Swifto Dog Walking Team, Apply to be a Swifto Dog Walker.

The Swifto team is a unique group of people from all walks of life.  We believe that diversity makes for the best community! To get a better sense of the culture at Swifto, watch our dog walker video profiles.

Yes! When you enter your dog’s information on our site, you’ll be able to specify any of your pup’s needs, including feeding, playing, or any other information that we need to know. Our walkers are more than happy to meet your dog’s needs for no extra charge.

The Technology

Our Swifto GPS Tracking App allows you to track your dog’s walks in real time, receive SMS and picture messages, and confirmations on your dog’s walks. Learn how the Swifto App works.

Your Swifto Account is your personal online profile used to manage your calendar, schedule walks for the future, update your billing information, or make any changes to your or your dog’s profile.

For your convenience, only the Swifto Dog Walkers need to download the Swifto GPS Tracking App. In order to view your dog’s walk and receive updates, all you have to do is “Dog In” to your Swifto Profile at, select your dashboard, and watch your walk via the map.


For a regular schedule, we offer 30 minute walks for $20, 45 minute walks for $25 and 1 hour walks for $30. If you have more than one pup, there is a $5 charge for each additional dog. Sporadic, one off walks, cost an additional $15. For more information, visit our Pricing Page.

To set up your payments:

  • Dog In to your Swifto account at
  • select your Dashboard
  • select “Add Credit Card.”

If you need to edit your card info:

  • Dog in to your Swifto account
  • select your dashboard
  • select “Edit Credit Card”

Billing takes place at the beginning of each month for the upcoming month’s schedule. Sporadic, one off, clients with no set schedule will be charged prior to the walk upon scheduling.

As a courtesy to our dog walkers, your schedule is set except for planned holidays and emergencies. For planned holidays, please let us know two weeks in advance.