Thanksgiving Dinner- Things your dog shouldn't eat



When the big day arrives, predictably, your pup will want to share in your human bounty. Just as predictably, someone at the table will buckle under her pleading puppy dog stare. Plan a head for the inevitable moment of weakness. Here’s a primer on what your dog can and cannot have off the dinner table, so as to save your veterinarian a holiday trip into the office.


Things NOT to feed the pooch.


1. Undercooked or Raw Turkey – What? Were you going to do this? So wait, were you under the impression that dogs are impervious to salmonella? Because they aren’t.  Or is it that rather than admit to under-cooking the turkey, you planned to poison your entire family? Why? Why would you do this?


2. Turkey gravy - While delicious, a well-made gravy (fatty, heavily salted and  otherwise seasoned)  is pretty taxing on the human digestive tract and can be a veritable Fukushima on your dog’s, except instead of being swamped with radiation it’ll be diarrhea.


3. Sage, onions, garlic, scallions, chives and leeks – These seasonings and garnishes are canine inedible. They will wreak untold internal havoc if eaten. Put them out of your mind entirely when feeding the beast.


4. Mashed potatoes with seasonings –  Similar to the turkey gravy, salty, fatty, and probably seasoned with things the pup can’t handle, particularly if you like garlic in your mashos.


5. Grapes and raisins – Grapes and raisins carry a toxin that can cause kidney damage in dogs.


6. Bones – Dogs aren’t known for their caution in handling animal remains, and small bones if swallowed whole or in jagged shards, can lacerate your dog internally.


7. Raw bread dough – As admirable as it is that you’re baking your own bread, this is almost as silly as the raw turkey fiasco we only narrowly averted a few paragraphs ago. Listen, the dough could actually rise in the dog’s digestive tract. That’s why, okay? Jeez, why not just feed your dog packing peanuts?


So, what can you give your dog? While most veterinarians recommend you give your dog his own canine-specific feast, small amounts of some human foods are okay:


1. Skinless, boneless cooked turkey.

2. Plain rolls.

3. Loose corn.

4. Plain carrots.

5. Plain steamed green beans.


That all sounds tasty, and your dog shouldn’t experience any significant digestive anomalies while you’re recovering from the sugar and shame spike of your post dinner pie binge.

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