The Swifto Walkers

Swifto's team of dog walkers are highly experienced and dedicated professionals who pride themselves on providing the highest quality care while prioritizing your dog's safety and happiness. Their passion, experience, knowledge, and love for dogs is what makes them so excellent!

Eleora-Sian A.
Hi! My name is Eleora-Sian and I recently moved to Brooklyn from St. Paul, Minnesota. As far back as I can remember, there has always been a dog in my home. Over the years my family has cared for five great pups. Different breeds, different ages, etc., each one with their own unique personality. Although my professional passion is writing (fiction, short and long form), hanging out with and caring for animals has always been a personal passion of mine. Looking forward to meeting you and your pup!

Faizal B.
Hi! My name is Faizal. I recently graduated from doing an MA in Clinical Psychology and will be pursuing a PhD in Fall 2018. In addition to walking dogs I teach yoga. I am a proud dog dad to a gorgeous 9-year-old Labrador mix named Joey. He is the sweetest! While I love all dogs and am happy to walk any, I am especially good with energetic large breeds.

Isabella K.
Hi! My name is Izy and I am a die hard animal lover! I am originally from Minnesota now attending Pace University studying criminal justice. Having volunteered at an animal shelter, I have worked with all types of dogs and understand that every dog has their own personality! I will ensure that not only is your dog safe and comfortable but also extremely loved. I am so excited to meet you and your special family member!

Jeff C.
Hi! My name is Jeff and I am excited to meet you and your furry friend(s)! I have loved dogs all my life and owned dogs since I was young. I have a goldendoodle of my own named Whatley (Dr. Tim Whatley, to be exact) and he'll vouch that I'm an exceptional friend to have! I have experience walking pups of all shapes, sizes and temperaments, have been a handler for doggie-daycare, pup-sat on many occasions and Whatley and I have fostered a couple pups recently as well. I'm a firm believer in positive reinforcement training, patience and will ALWAYS be "present" when I am taking care of your best friend(s), ensuring they have a fun, safe time and can't wait to see me again!

Jo-Ayla V.
Hi! My name is Jo and I am a born and raised New yorker. I have an amazing Chocolate Labrador named Mista Pikle Butt who I raised since he was 7 weeks old. I am a certified dog groomer and enrolled to become a certified dog trainer. Dogs are my passion!

Elizabeth S.
Hi! My name is Liz and I am a graduate student studying animal behavior and conservation here in New York at Hunter College. I love animals so much, especially dogs! Working with animals brings me such joy, and I'm so happy to be able to spend time with them.

Lydia S.
Hi! My name is Lydia and I’m a fashion designer who loves dogs. I grew up with a goldendoodle and his chocolate lab best friend. I was also the go-to pet sitter for family and friends. I know how important your pet is, and will look after them like they are my own. I am looking forward to making some four-legged friends!

Mary G.
Hi! My name is Mary and I am a animal lover and pet owner. Ever since I was a child I owned various types of animals. I currently own a Pomeranian she is 4 years old and I had her since she was 3 weeks old. I am very energetic and have experience caring for dogs, cats, birds, fishes, and some reptiles. I am extremely comfortable with walking, feeding, caring and playing with your pet! I currently am pursuing my bachelors degree and on my own time I like to bike with my pet Niylah, love exercising, and I enjoy photography as well. I am ecstatic to met your pet and go forward with them !

Susan S.
Hi! My name is Susan and I am a lover of dogs and the mother to a beautiful Pomeranian named Chanel. My whole life I've had a love for dogs and have cared for a range of breeds including Chihuahuas, Pit Bull Terriers, Shih Tzu's, Daschunds and Cocker Spaniels, just to name a few! I have a special connection with dogs and know how to communicate with them as well as to understand what they are trying to communicate to me. I am caring, loving and enjoy helping others and I can't wait to meet your furry friend!

Thomasina A.
Hi! My name is Thomasina. I grew up in San Francisco and have moved to New York City for college. I am a currently pursuing a Batchelor of Fine Arts in Photography and Video at School of Visual Arts. I pet sit for my friends and family and have experience working at a doggie daycare back in San Francisco. I love taking photos of dogs so expect many photos from me of your dogs when on walks. I absolutely love animals especially dogs and I can not wait to meet you and your furry friends.

jichen d.
Hi, I own a pomeranian-chihuahua. Our family has had her for 12 years. I love all breeds of dogs and get along especially well with doggos with lots of energy. I am a responsible person that take the safety and well being of dogs very seriously. I've been known to feed stray dogs while on vacation in other countries. I always want to see dogs happy, tails wagging and loved. You can feel assured that your baby will be in good hands. I can't wait to meet you and your dog!

Giselle O.
Hi, My name is Giselle. I've been a dog walker for eight years, loving dog owner for twelve years, and general lover of animals for twenty-five years. If your anything like me, when you are making the decision to leave your loved one in the care of another person, you look for someone who is experienced, dependable, reliable, caring, communicative, and empathetic. If this is true, look no further. As a dog walker possessing these qualities, treating a dog as if they were my own, is of utmost importance to me because I expect nothing less for my own dog.

Kimani M.
Hi, I'm a second-year student at NYIT. I wasn't able to have my own dog growing up but I am an animal lover and I take care of my friend's pets all the time.

Briana K.
Hi, my name is Briana. I've loved and been fascinated by animals since I was a kid. I started dog walking and dog sitting when I was 12 and I've cared for my own fish, birds, dogs, and cats growing up. I've also enjoyed working with therapy dogs in a elderly care center. Currently, I have an adorable pit bull terrier named Jasper and we love hiking together. I'd love to meet and get to know your furry friend!

Jasmine O.
Hi, my name is Jasmine and I am a dog walker for Swifto. I own a mini poodle named Honey and I previously owned a Pitbull named Sammy. I am very positive and energetic. I love animals and I enjoy helping people.

Hi, my name is Luis, and I'm proud to serve you with my professional dog walking service. I'm an owner of a 2 year old black lab, and with my own experience and experience of walking family and friend dogs, I can be sure of being a great and responsible dog walker for your dog. I'm great with any breed of dogs and I can be provide an overall professional experience. I look forward to working with everyone!

Madeline S.
Hi, my name is Madeline and I live in Bushwick, Brooklyn. I have a special love for dogs, cats, and rats that formed from a young age and lead me into pursing a career in animal care! I've had the same dog my entire life, Henry (yes, he is VERY old), so I understand how important your dogs safety, comfort, and security is to you! I'd love to walk your dog and be a part in enriching their life!

Miranda C.
Hi, my name is Mira, I live in Brooklyn and am studying journalism at Baruch College. Growing up with outdoorsy, dog loving parents I have always enjoyed being active and bringing my two rescues along with me on runs, hikes, and camping trips. Since moving to New York and starting school however, I haven't been able to spend much time with Ghibli (8) and Bentley (6). Needless to say my days off spent exploring the city would be greatly improved by some canine companionship!

Dustin I.
Hiya! My name is Dustin. I am 26 years old and originally from the Bronx. During my free time, you can catch me doing one of the follow: yoga, dancing, eating unsightly amounts, listening to disco, or hanging with my dog Hibachi. After a number of tough learning experiences in my professional life, I've recently fallen into an exciting part time passion in Real Estate and am complimenting this passion with my passion for pups. Growing up around dogs (and turtles and cats) for the majority of my life, nothing would make me happier than to spend time bonding with new pooches throughout the city as well as to provide essential service to time-strapped owners. Breeds that I have experience with include: Rottweiler Pitbull Husky Maltese Shorkie Yorkie Pomeranian Cockapoo Mini Poodle Mini Goldendoodle Basset Hound

Connor S.
I am a dog specialist formerly from Walkz inc, with over 3 years of experience providing prompt and precise housesitting and dog care service to a network of self-made clients exclusively in Chicago's Gold Coast neighborhood. No bush or stone will go unturned while I'm spending time with your canine companion, I've made many bonds with a multitude dogs over the years, from petite poodle to Great Pyrenees, rambunctious rotweillers to chill Chihuahuas. As result I'm incredibly adaptable to whatever your best friend may need, including behavioral encouragement, specific feeding regimens, extra excercise or key motivators. Is there favorite spot your pal likes to frequent? Rest assured that's where we'll be. Whatever the breed, I'll meet your need. Looking for a new best friend for your best friend? Look no further.