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The Swifto Walkers

Swifto's team of dog walkers are highly experienced and dedicated professionals who pride themselves on providing the highest quality care while prioritizing your dog's safety and happiness. Their passion, experience, knowledge, and love for dogs is what makes them so excellent!

Carissa H.
Hi! My name is Carissa, and I'm a freelance artist, avid gamer, and lifelong animal lover! As a Long Island native, moving to Brooklyn and being a dog walker has been a dream come true. Nothing recharges the creative batteries like stretching my legs, getting some fresh air, and spending time with dogs; my own little one included. Samwise, my throwback (dire) pomeranian, has been at my side for four years. The animal companion to my ranger, he's as keen, loyal, and stout-hearted as his namesake. He, and all the wonderful dogs that were part of my life growing up, have taught me that they're so much more than pets-- they're family. The epitome of unconditional love, they are deeply empathetic and ever true; deserving nothing short of our very best. As a walker, I strive to provide just that!

Libby L.
Hi! My name is Libby and I'm and avid dog lover and college student working towards my degree doing something I love! Familiar with lots of dog breeds and ready to care for your furry friends! :)

Lydia S.
Hi! My name is Lydia and I’m a fashion designer who loves dogs. I grew up with a goldendoodle and his chocolate lab best friend. I was also the go-to pet sitter for family and friends. I know how important your pet is, and will look after them like they are my own. I am looking forward to making some four-legged friends!

Melany C.
Hi! My name is Mel I’m 21 years old. I have three dogs, an American bulldog/pitbull Mix (Fiona 11yrs), a Jack Russell Terrier Mix (Lassie 14yrs) and a Shih Tzu (Booga 1yr). I love my dogs, they’re my best friends. If I’m not spending time walking my clients dogs, I’m spending time with my own. I’ve been a dog walker for about 4 years now. I started off walking my family and friends dogs and eventually aimed to find work in the related field. I love working with animals, it’s never been hard work for me because it’s my passion.

Monserrat R.
Hi! My name is Monserrat, I'm currently in Brooklyn College for film production. Caring for dogs is nothing new to me. It's always great to meet new dogs and get to know their amazing personalties!

Susan S.
Hi! My name is Susan and I am a lover of dogs and the mother to a beautiful Pomeranian named Chanel. My whole life I've had a love for dogs and have cared for a range of breeds including Chihuahuas, Pit Bull Terriers, Shih Tzu's, Daschunds and Cocker Spaniels, just to name a few! I have a special connection with dogs and know how to communicate with them as well as to understand what they are trying to communicate to me. I am caring, loving and enjoy helping others and I can't wait to meet your furry friend!

Jasmine O.
Hi, my name is Jasmine and I am a dog walker for Swifto. I own a mini poodle named Honey and I previously owned a Pitbull named Sammy. I am very positive and energetic. I love animals and I enjoy helping people.

yuliana p.
Hi, my name is yuliana I am adventurous and energetic. I have a beautiful pit bull for more than two years now. He is very playful, caring and the most warm hearted pit bull you will ever meet.

Susan F.
Hi. I’m Susan and I’m so happy to be available for you’re dogs needs. I’ moved to New York 3 years ago but my mom has lived here for 40 years so I’m very familiar with walking dogs in the city. I was a dog groomer for 35 years in New Jersey and owned my own shop. I have extensive life long experience handling and caring for dogs. I’ve also house sat for my dog grooming clients as needed. I ve owned a Great Dane a German Shepherd 4 jack russells and a chihuahua. Big or small I love them all. I’m exited to meet you all and you’re pups ❤️:-)

Tyler C.
I absolutely love dogs, ever since I can remember I've always had a dog of my own or lived with people who were dog owners. Personally I've only owned beagles, 3 to be specific. I currently have "Bubba" who is my 3rd beagle and he absolutely loves attention! My fiance and I enjoy taking him to the park and watching him sniff literally everything. Outside of dog walking we are very easy going, we enjoy all the great food New York has to offer and seeing all the history here in this state as we are still new to the area!

Jesse B.
I am a freelance journalist and a dog walker. I recently finished a master's degree in Middle Eastern Studies at NYU. Aside from my interest in dog walking, I am also passionate about music, history and philosophy. I love spending time outdoors and exploring the city. I also like to cook, go to concerts and movies, and have good conversations with friends. My family owned a miniature pinscher named Skippy when I was growing up. Since then, I have also lived with two roommates who had dogs, a beagle and a golden retriever.

Veronica T.
I am currently a student and a freelance visual artist who loves animals. My dog who I adopted about three years ago inspires me to do many things, such as fostering, being creative, and becoming a dog walker. Dogs are truly your best friend and the greatest companion. As a dog walker, I will definitely want to build a connection with your dog! :)

Jessica H.
I am very passionate about animals and pets! I have experience dog walking, working in a pet store, and owning my own pets. Currently I have a cat, a bearded dragon and 4 guppies! Growing up my dog Sammy was my best friend. We adopted him when he was only 3 months old and he was such a good boy. Ideally one day I'll be able to adopt another dog but until then I look forward to meeting your buddies and giving them so much love!

Zack D.
I have been taking care of animals for almost 20 years. I've taken care of a variety of animals ranging from your typical household pets, not as typical household pets, as well as farm and barn animals. I have experience with almost every breed of dog with walking and general care

Yajahira F.
I love being surrounded by all sorts of animals, they offer us unconditional love, comfort and friendship. I've always known I wanted a job/career where I'm constantly spending time with animals, I feel very lucky every day and moment I get to work getting to do what I love! Im very down to earth, I spend my days laughing and being silly with my dogs while making sure they are well taken care of. I'm excited and looking forward to making lots of long lasting memories with all of you!

Gerald M.
I pride myself in offering a unique experience during each walk and love the time I spend with my dogs during thorough walks that engage by doing occasional simple commands such as sit, heel and down. Dogs have always been a part of my life beginning with with a Shi Tzu growing up. Currently I have two dogs, who are Chow cocker spaniel mixes.

Jonalee D.
I'm Jonalee and I am from the downtown Brooklyn area. I have always had a love for dogs since I have always grown up around them. I have plenty of dog walking experience in the past being a dog walker and it's always been something that I love to do. Being a dog walker in the past inspired me to adopt one of my own, a Yorkie, Poodle and Dachshund mix named Lana. I'm looking forward to walking your furbaby!

Rupert B.
I’m a former athlete and current protection specialists that loves animals. Being a dog dad as well I can understand the heartache of leaving our pets home alone for the day. That’s why I’m proud to also be apart of a team that is dedicated to the well being of our in home pets by walking, sitting, feeding, and the best part playing with our furry loved ones.

Anthony S.
I’m an avid pet lover currently living in Brooklyn with my mini Australian Shepherd, Joey. Dog walking turns my two passions, spending time outdoors and being around animals, into a job. I couldn’t be happier with the opportunity to meet your dog and care for them like it’s my own!

Karen M.
My name is Karen, but I go by Ren! I am a nursing student at Helene Fuld in East Harlem. I live in West Harlem with my partner, Katie, and our border collie, Bobby. Bobby is 11 years old, and she is my best friend! You can frequently see us playing frisbee, fetch, and tag in St Nicholas Park. She's so smart! I've trained her how to close/open doors, play hide and seek, put her toys away, and turn on/off the lights. I've got over 7 years of professional experience walking all breeds and sizes of dogs. Dogs are my passion, and I always treat every dog like they are my own!