Figuring out the Perfect Schedule for Your Furry Friend

Welcoming a furry friend into your home brings immense joy, but it also comes with the responsibility of ensuring their well-being and safety. One crucial aspect of a happy and healthy pup is maintaining a suitable dog walking schedule that fits your dog's needs. We’d like to explore a general guideline of how to figure out the ideal schedule for your dog, taking into account many important factors! 
Understanding Your Dog's Needs:
Different dogs have different needs, so it's essential to consider factors like breed, age, size, and energy level. For example, high-energy breeds may require more exercise, while older dogs may prefer a more relaxed routine. Assess your dog's specific requirements to tailor a schedule that suits them best. You can always talk to your local vet to learn more about the amount of exercise your pup may need! 
Daily Exercise Routine:
Dogs thrive on regular exercise, and the amount varies based on factors such as breed and age. Active breeds such as Border Collies or Labrador Retrievers may need more physical activity and, therefore more walks in a day. Incorporating daily walks, playtime, and interactive games helps stimulate your dog mentally and physically! Taking all of this into account will help you determine the walk duration and number of walks a day your dog needs.
Bathroom Breaks:
Accidents can be avoided by establishing a regular bathroom routine for your pup! Puppies may need more frequent breaks, while older dogs can typically adhere to a schedule. 
Feeding Schedule:
Establishing a consistent feeding schedule is crucial for your dog's digestive health. Most dogs benefit from two meals a day, but the quantity and timing can vary. You can always consult your vet for more information. You may opt to build your dog walking schedule around when your pup needs to be fed and then taken outside to go potty. Your Swifto dog walker will be more than happy to feed your pup during the total walk time! 
Your Schedule:
It is important to take into consideration your schedule! Is it easy for you to walk your pup in the morning and evening? Do you need help doing the day? Do you have a trip planned and need someone to stay with your pup? Taking a look at your own schedule and determining when you need a dog walker will be a huge help for not only yourself but also your pup! You can work to build a consistent schedule for your dog by booking recurring dog walks and having a walker come on the same days and times every week! 
Crafting the perfect schedule for your dog involves a combination of understanding their individual needs and maintaining consistency. By considering the factors listed above, you can develop a dog walking schedule that promotes a happy and healthy life for your pup! :)
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