The Dog Walker's Two-Hour Time Window Explained

Hi everyone!

This blog post is intended for Swifto Dog Walkers! If you're a client, feel free to check out this article here!

What is the Two-Hour Time Window?
The Two-Hour Time Window is a flexible scheduling option designed to offer both convenience and reliability for both our clients and our walkers. Instead of exact appointment times, clients can choose a two-hour window for their dog's walk meaning you can arrive anytime within that window to begin the dog walk. 
How Does It Work?
When clients book a walk through the Swifto app or website, they have the option to select a two-hour time frame during which they'd like their dog to be walked. For example, they can choose between 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM, 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM, and so on. The time window means the time by which the walk needs to start. As long as you start the walk within the time frame, you are golden! For a walk that is between 9-11AM, you can start it as early as 9AM, wait until closer to 10AM, or begin it as late as 10:58AM. The “exact time” of the walk has no meaning and isn’t visible to the client. This just helps with putting all walks into the system! Additionally, the order of your walks on the app does not mean anything either, so long as both walks start within the two-hour time window. So if you have two 12-2 pm walks, you are welcome to select the order you’d like to do them in!
How it Helps Our Walkers:
  • Better Planning: With two-hour time frames, you'll have more flexibility in scheduling your walks, allowing you to plan your day more efficiently. It even allows you to potentially fit in additional walks within the same time window! 
  • Reduced Stress: No more rushing from one dog walk to the next. The two-hour time window gives you breathing room in case of delays or if you want to take a break to eat and reduces the pressure of strict time constraints!


Communicating Your ETA:
  • It’s super important to remember to text your client your ETA! An ETA, or estimated time of arrival, gives them an idea of what time today within the two-hour time window you’re expected to arrive. It is best to text the ETA before the time of the window starts so they know when to expect you. 
  • If your ETA ends up changing, but you’ll still be arriving within the time window, please keep the client updated as well.  


Exceptions to the Two-Hour Time Window:
  • Meet and greets always take place at an exact time that works for both you and the client. 
  • For puppies under 6 months old, we offer clients a one-hour time window instead of two to help avoid any accidents. For example, between 2-3 PM would be a one-hour time window. We also offer clients a one-hour time window for sick dogs.
  • For visits that are two hours or longer (for instance a 4 or 6-hour visit), we provide clients with a 1-hour time window.
  • For the morning and evening walk portion of the overnight stays, we provide a one hour time window.
  • Any case where a 1-hour time window is used instead of a 2-hour window will be indicated by the walk itself in your app. 
What if a Client Requests an Exact Time:
  • When a client requests an exact arrival time, it's important to set clear expectations. Explain to the client that while efforts will be made to accommodate their request, due to factors such as traffic conditions, other walks, and occasionally unforeseen circumstances, it may not always be possible to guarantee an exact arrival time.
  • Explain to clients how you can guarantee arrival within the two-hour time frame and that you are happy to try and arrive by their preferred time but that it is never a guarantee. It's important to never make promises that cannot always be fulfilled, as this can lead to disappointment and clients getting upset when you arrive “late” (but aren’t truly late based on the time window)!
Remember to always plan your schedule diligently to ensure timely arrival within the allocated two-hour window. You should anticipate any potential delays and make adjustments proactively, so it’s best practice not to aim to arrive towards the end of the time window so that even with delays on other dog walks, bus reroutes, etc you will still arrive in time. If you ever do still foresee a delay resulting in you arriving outside the two-hour time window, despite making every effort to avoid that, such as an emergency occurring on a prior walk, etc, immediately communicate with both the client and Swifto and provide an updated ETA.
We hope this answers any questions you may have on how the two-hour time window works!
As always, let us know if there are any questions or concerns. We are here for you!
-The Swifto Team