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Best Places to walk your dog in Aventura

We’re always looking for new places to bring our furry friends to, so check out the list we’ve compiled of the best places to walk your dog in Aventura! Enjoy a complimentary 20 minute dog walk to one of these scenic locations by booking a walk through our website using the promo code “DOGPARKS”!


Don Soffer Exercise Trail



This is a great path to bring your dog to, it has a 10 foot wide paved pathway about 3.1-miles long. It is also super dog friendly, as it has many poop stations throughout, as well as doggy water fountains! It’s also a lovely spot to enjoy some fresh air, with many benches and shade trees throughout. The pavement is made of black asphalt, so be sure to avoid super hot days and always test if it's safe for your pup to walk on by placing your hand on the ground for 10 seconds. This scenic trail is located at 19999 W Country Club Dr, Aventura, FL 33180, open 24/7, and you can contact them at (305) 466-8008 or visit their website here:


Boardwalk near City of Aventura Community Recreation Center



This lovely boardwalk boasts beautiful views of Sunny Isles, and is the perfect spot to enjoy a sunset. To access the boardwalk, you can park at the community center: 3375 NE 188th St, Aventura, FL 33180, and follow the signs for the boardwalk! You and your pup will see many other dogs here, as it’s the perfect length for a dog walk, about 1.5 miles. The boardwalk is open 24/7, and it has many poop bag stations, but no water fountains, so be sure to bring some extra for your pup on hot days!


Waterways Dog Park

Waterways Dog Park is a 1.5 acre waterfront park equipped for your dog to get some exercise off leash! The park features open space, two comfort stations with doggie water fountains, doggie showers and a shaded patio with benches for dog parents to relax and enjoy. It’s located at 3401 NE 213th St, Aventura, FL 33180 and is open 9AM–8PM daily. However, it is a private park, so in order to get inside you’ll need an Aventura ID card which can be obtained through the City of Aventura website, here.


We hope you and your pup enjoy visiting these exciting places throughout Aventura!