Being a Dog Through COVID-19

Being a dog through COVID-19

Hi, my name is Moe, I am an eight-year-old Labrador Retriever, and wow has it been a crazy yearfor me and my family. They have been home every single day, and we have spent so much time together! We go on long dog walks every day, or play and cuddle inside.

            My family always seems worried so I have been making sure to spend extra time cuddling them and giving them extra kisses. We spent more time together this year than ever! We spend our night’s binge-watching my parent’s favorite TV show, while I usually take a nap.

            Another great thing that has happened this year is no more vet! Well not really, but we don’t go into the vet’s office anymore, they travel to our house to give me my shots, and to have my checkups.The vet comes over and I get to stay in my bed during my appointment, and my family gets to stay with me so I’m not that scared.

            I have also gotten pampered this year more than ever, the groomer comes to my house too and gives me a bath in my mommy and daddy’s bathtub, and boy do I love my bubble baths!

          The best part of my family being home is my human brother and sister. We have spent more time together than ever. Every day I help them do their online school classes and sometimes I get to go on their school call and meet their friends!  Last week the teacher was showing my human sister something about counting, but I thought the cookies she was counting looked so yummy, so I had to participate in the zoom class too, not sure why my sister kept telling me to shush. The kids and I have invented tons of new games that we play together every day, like doctor, dress up, and many others.

The one problem is that all of a sudden humans are covering up their mouths, andI have had a hard time understanding their commands. One time my mommy told me “sit”, but I thought she said something completely different so I did my business on her brand new carpet.. I am excited for when humans do not need to wear these things anymore.

            The only thing that has not changed this year is my favorite dog walker Alex. He wears something that covers his face too so I can't see his nose and mouth, but I can see his eyes and how happy he is to see me every time he comes. My family is usually in the other room when he picks me up, but this way I have him all to myself. He always takes off his shoes and washes his hands when he enters, which I love since then I can smell his feet so much better. His hands smell of alcohol a lot of times, but that's ok because I know he will still give me my favorite belly rubs and shower me with love. I love the walks that Alex takes me on, we go all around my neighborhood, and I get to show him all of my favorite spots. When we get back, he puts a bit of hand sanitizer on my leash and collar, which I don’t really get, I’d much rather he rub it with peanut butter or bacon, I keep trying to tell him that, but I still don’t know the word for “peanut butter” in Bark Language.

This has been a crazy year, but I am so happy my family has been together more than ever, they may even adopt another doggy sibling for me soon too!


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BY: Anna Wolfgram Evans