7 Signs Your Dog Loves You

Did you ask your dog to be your Valentine? If so, you may be wondering if the feeling is truly reciprocated! Well, dogs have a lot of ways to show they care, although they might be slightly different from humans in showing their affection! If you are wondering if your doggie truly loves you, keep reading for the tell tale signs! 


1. They get excited when you come home

A good indication that your dog loves you is how they react when you come home after being away for a while. Does their tail start wagging uncontrollably? Do they start jumping for joy and run towards you as soon as you walk in? If so, they are definitely in love with you and enjoy having you around.

2. They steal your dirty laundry

Pups who are smitten with their owners tend to steal their smelly shoes, socks, and even underwear! This is because they love your scent and they associate that smell with someone they love and feel attached to. It may bring them comfort, especially if you’ve left them alone for a bit. 


3. Looking at you in the eyes

If you were to look a stranger in the eyes for too long, it would start to get a little uncomfortable! Well, the same goes for our 4 legged friends. Dogs will look you in the eyes for short periods of time and maintain eye contact only if you are trusted and they feel safe and comfortable with you. When your dog looks at you, a chemical in their brains is released called “oxytocin”, known as the love hormone! Eye contact while cuddling or playing is a great way to form a deep bond with your pup. 



4. Sleeping in your bedroom

Even if they don’t sleep in your bed, just that they want to be close to you while they’re most vulnerable is the highest form of trust! This means they rely on you to protect them and feel their safest while snuggled next to you. 


5. They share their most prized possessions - their toys!

While you might not have any interest in a tattered tennis ball or headless teddy bear, the fact that your pooch is willing to share their favorite possessions with you, says a lot about how they feel about you! This is a sign of true affection.



6. They comfort you when you’re sad

Most pups are very in tune with their owner’s emotions and can detect when you’re stressed or having a ruff day. If they can sense you’re not feeling your best, they’ll find simple ways to show they care, like resting their head on your lap or just staying close to you until you feel better.


7. They follow you everywhere - even the bathroom!

If you never seem to be alone, this is a good indicator your dog adores you. This means they find comfort in your presence, and can’t seem to get enough of you!

While the above signs are good indicators that your dog has heart eyes for you, there are many ways they show affection, and it varies for each dog based on their specific personalities! Now you can remain secure in the affection your dog feels for you. Your dog loves you, and surely would love to be your Valentine!