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NYC Dog Laws

Before you hit the road (or the nearest dog park) with your new dog, you might want to check what New York City's law has to say about dogs.


All NYC dogs must be licensed and the license must be renewed every year. When you're walking your dog in public, he or she has to have a license tag attached to their collar. This means that you'll need to check if your dog has his license tag every time you go out for a dog walk.


Every dog over 3 months of age must have a rabies vaccine. Make sure the dog under your care has proof that he or she has gotten their rabies shot (usually if the dog has a valid license tag, it means that they got their shot).

The Pooper Scooper Law

What a name! In NYC you have to pick up after your dog. Make sure you’re up to the challenge before you leave the dog owner's house.


When you're walking your dog outside, he or she must be on a leash that is no more than 6 feet long. So when you talk to the dog owner, don't forget to ask him or her where the leash is.

Off Leash Zones

There are a few designated areas where dogs can run off leash. Those off-lease areas are open for dogs until 9 a.m. and from 9 p.m. If you choose to take your dog to one of those parks (he or she would love it, by the way), you'll need his licensed tag and a proof of rabies vaccination.

"No Dog" Zones

We all know dogs just want to have fun, but you can't bring your dog to playgrounds, zoos, swimming pools, beaches, fountains, ball fields and basketball or tennis courts. But don't worry, there are still dog parks!


If the dog under your care bites someone, you have to report it to New York City department of health.

Please follow these laws and keep NYC happy, clean and safe. For further reading you can login to New York City website.