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The New York Times was impressed both with our technology and quality of service!


Bloomberg Businessweek takes a snapshot of Swifto and mentions our plans to expand to Boston!


The Wall Street Journal documents the dog walking industry in New York City and how Swifto is coming out ahead with its innovative approach


Our Series A, covered exclusively by TechCrunch!


Fast Company's review provides a concise rundown of our technology and services and includes info on apps similar to Swifto’s for all the tech enthusiasts out there.

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Swifto gained some serious cool points by getting written up in Bangstyle. Clicking around this site clues readers in on what’s chic and cutting edge in NYC.

 heard about Swifto even though they’re in the UK. Good news travels fast and far.

  writes about Swifto from a business perspective and links to their article about technology entering the petcare world posted in 2008.

 gave Swifto a concise writeup you can share via Twitter, Facebook, and Google with just one click.


TheDogs gave Swifto a detailed, informative review along with our competition. Here’s a convenient way to compare us to other companies to find out if we’re the best option for you and your best friend.


The New York Post included swifto in a review of up-and-coming pet businesses in NYC (we’re kind of a big deal). Get the scoop on us, and other cool pet services, from one of New York’s most trusted news sources.