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Dog Walking Type by Breed

Different dog breeds need different exercise. Some need long dog walks several times a day and others will be fine with shorter strolls. How can you know what your dog needs? Usually it depends on the dog's breed, but also on his or her personality and age. So in order to make your life much easier and your dog much happier, here is a list of popular dog breeds and their preferred activities:


Beagles are very energetic and thus need a lot of exercise. Long dog walks and lots of playing make them very happy. Running with your Beagle is not recommended since they tend to stop and sniff every few seconds. Don't forget to always keep an eye on your Beagle when you're outside because if he finds an interesting smell he will follow it and not you.


Boxers are also very energetic dogs and need lots of exercise to burn out that energy. That's why long dog walks and running would be perfect for them. Boxers are not very friendly towards strangers so be careful when you walk outside and someone approaches you. It's also important to mention that Boxers are strong and heavy, so if you own a Boxer and you're looking for a dog walker, you should make sure your dog walker can handle your dog.


Bulldogs don't need lots of exercise, but they do need to stay fit, otherwise they might become overweight. On the hot days of the year, make sure that your Bulldog doesn't spend too much time outside and that he gets enough rest in a cool place. Because of their flat face, they tend to overheat when it's hot and often need to cool down. So the best exercise for your Bulldog would be: short dog walks when it's hot and longer dog walks when it’s cooler.


Chihuahuas are so small and delicate that they don't need lots of exercise. When you walk with your Chihuahua just make sure she or he's warm enough and that she is not in any danger of breaking a bone (even by playing with an overenthusiastic child).

French Bulldog

French Bulldogs don't need lots of exercise, but they do need their daily dog walks outside, so short daily walks would be a good idea for them. Because of their flat face, they can overheat when it's hot, so make sure they get enough rest in the shade during the hot days of the year. French Bulldogs can get a bit jealous, so when they're around other dogs or people make sure they don't get too possessive.

German Shepherd

German Shepherds have a lot of energy and so long dog walks, runs and dog parks would be great for them. Playing with them and stimulating their mind (with games such as "go fetch") are also good activities for German shepherds.

Golden Retriever

Another energetic dog that needs daily long dog walks or runs. Golden retrievers are very friendly, so you can play with them, let others approach them and let them run around at the dog park with other dogs.


Pomeranians don't need lots of exercise but they need to stay fit so make sure to take them on short dog walks. They like to play with other dogs, but they don't know that they are small: they will pick a fight with a Rottweiler if they want to, so keep an eye on them when they're interacting with bigger dogs.


Pugs don't need lots of exercise as well, but they might become overweight if you don't keep them fit. Just as with Pomeranians, short dog walks are the best solution. Pugs have breathing problems so if you're planning a long dog walk with your Pug, take some water with you and make sure he gets enough time to rest. Go fetch is not the Pugs favorite game since they wouldn't know how to catch what you throw at them.


Rottweilers require lots of exercise. Long dog walks for one to two hours would make them very happy. Remember that Rottweilers can be a bit scary to other dog owners or dog walkers. They often react when they feel threatened, so you might want to keep them on a leash at all times and let other dogs approach them only when they are calm. A Rottweiler is a strong dog, so if you're looking for a dog walker make sure he or she will be able to cope with your dog.

Yorkshire Terrier

These dogs are energetic and need their daily walks. They love to chase other animals so keep an eye on them when a cat or bird is nearby. They also love when their owner's combine some playing time during their walks.

Having said that, remember that the daily exercise your dog gets also depends on the dog's age: puppies (of all breeds) for example, have lots of energy and they will need longer and more frequent walks. And don't forget: a tired dog that just came back home after a good vigorous dog walk is also a happy dog.