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About Swifto Dog Walking

Swifto is a technologically innovative dog walking company based in New York City. The original pioneers of GPS-tracked dog walking, that integrate mobile technology to provide clients with the cleanest interface and most hassle-free experience. Our goal is simple: To bring dog walking to the 21st century while preserving the highest degrees of reliability and trust.

To meet these goals, we've made it our business to excel in two areas:


Carefully Selected Dog Walkers: The Cornerstone of Our Business

Our dog walkers have been carefully selected from a vast pool of applicants (to date, over ten thousand!). Only after passing our rigorous screening process involving two interviews and a thorough background check, do our applicants get an opportunity to take part in Swifto's training courses in order to become top-notch Dog Walking Professionals. We’re committed to providing the highest quality of service, so we’ve made sure that all of our dog walkers have years of prior experience with dogs, a college education, and a deep love for canines. This multi-step hiring process has given us an elite team of walkers committed to providing the best pet care in NYC and forging long-lasting relationships with clients and their dogs. This level of commitment is just of the many reasons so many NYC pooches love Swifto!

For more information on our hiring process, read What It Takes To Be A Swifto Dog Walker.

Innovative Technology: Taking Dog Walking to the Next Level

Having great dog walkers is the backbone of our enterprise – nothing works if we don't have the best and more trustworthy professionals working with us! Additionally, however, our GPS-tracked mobile application is what really gives us an edge over competitors. Whenever you hire a stranger to come into your home and take your dog out, you can never be sure that they're doing what they promised. Did they come on time? Stay as long as promised? Walk farther than out the front door and back? Swifto has created a unique solution to this problem – one that respects the dog walker’s privacy while giving you the assurance that your dog walker is doing their job every time: We have created a mobile app that tracks and times our walkers on their adventure with your dog and allows you to follow along on our website. Your dog walker will even indicate each time your pooch plays or poos or hangs with other dogs! Just sign into your Swifto profile page to see all the information you’ll ever need to know about your dog's experience. Look up statistics about your dog walks, arrange your walk schedule, and tell us all about your pooch’s preferences and quirks. Dog walking will never be the same!

If you want to read more, take a look at our FAQ or check what The New York Post wrote about us.